Ghost Month Story on this Catch Up Week!

Where do I begin, to tell the story of how crazy things have been?  Sigh.  

Let’s see: I got very busy on a project, quarreled with a friend, accepted a regular job (oh yes), wore blah clothes to work, moved out of the house to be near work, had a near death experience, got bitten by something, encountered a snake (the human kind), quit the job (weellll not quite totally), found out another friend has cancer, went to two other friends’ parent’s funerals in a day, attended two very good friends’ weddings, donated ten inches of hair and in between, ate too much, drank so much coffee and got fat.  Yep.
I was at Starbucks, UCC Cafes, McDonald's, Wendy's, J.Co, Pao Tsin, Lugaw Republic for breakfast and dinner invariably. 

Depending on the time I have (or dare to be late for work) to linger over big eats and coffee, I would choose to have them at the start or end of day.  At UCC Mentore, I have my favorites orange latte (I don't mix the orange syrup right away, I'd wait for the sweet hit at the bottom after the bitter, like sucking liquid leche flan haha), buttery french toast slabs with bacon and jam and the tinapa (smoked fish) flakes with rice, Japanese egg sunnyside up and a side of salted egg, fresh onions and tomatoes. Trudging home I pass it again so I drop in for cake and coffee.

At Starbucks I'll have paninis.

 At McDonald's all permutations of coffee withs.
At Wendy's their cheese melt makes me think of college days at the cafeteria - minus the sandwich maker press.  
At J.Co it's cheezy rich (last post).  
If I want some downhome flavor I would go have rice and dumplings with cilantro dip at Pao Tsin; goto with tokwa't baboy at Lugaw Republic;

or Mr. KimBob's Bibimbob - cheaper but hot eats - over at SM Makati.
Eating at my desk I get stuff from Family Mart, Mini Stop fried siomai and Kumori breads.

Everybody talked about the ghost month.  For a while there, I thought I was a “casualty”.  Then again, when you think about it, much of the bad luck I brought onto myself because I didn’t think, I just acted.  I didn’t trust my instincts.  Against my better judgment I accepted a position I didn’t apply for. I tried to let things go (sorry Elsa, that didn’t work for me).  There were people who were rude, thought they were perfection personified.  One was particularly disrespectful.   I thought a small company would be a nice change.  There were small minds as well.  I was not happy.  I quarreled with a friend because she said work isn’t supposed to be.  Do you agree?
I would put on ear buds, so I can tune out the litany of gossip and backbiting, with Britain’s Got Talent amazing cuts, Ailee, Callum Scot, Lindsey Stirling, The Piano Guys and Maroon 5 on Youtube playing as I worked.  As it turned out, I was allergic to earbuds (plastic or silicon or whatever) and developed otitis.  Never had earache as a kid so I was confounded getting it now.  For close to a month I had to endure near deafness in one ear (alternately) and a hypersensitivity to high decibels some days.  The good thing was, this happened close to my last regular workday.
I thought being at the city center and a relatively short commute to the rental, I will get to see friends, do lunch. I saw less of them because weekdays are busy and Saturdays are for family.  I had to go home, do laundry and chores.  Sunday night I have to go back to the rental so it won’t be as hard a commute Mondays (the worst traffic other than payday Friday).  There are express vans to take from my parents’ house, but do I really want to go through the workday like a zombie - 5 days a week?  I know, I know, lots of people do it.  
I am back home, taking care of my parents (my dad turned 80 in July and all the funerals I went to made me worry) and the dogs, working in between.  I feel more balanced.  I do not have to deal with long walks to bus stops and two hour traffic in a route that should take 35 minutes (bus ride, short stops, from EDSA Ayala to my rental in Mandaluyong- ideally).   I had walked miles.  Every day.  Since hordes of commuters gather at the few bus stops along Ayala, I had to go to the one farther down, where more buses mean more chances at a seat.  Imperative because traffic is hideous, standing for hours is murder. That’s not saying once you’ve walked all that way you get a ride pronto.
Forget the MRT.  Snaking lines to the counter right to the platform, jostled this way and that in the crush in and out of the train is enough to take years off your life.  So do traffic.  When the INC faithful decided hordes of people are mere collateral damage to their show of force, us unenlightened mortals – rights and all - took a long walk.  They did not issue real apologies either, they say they were just standing their ground – public ground at that.  It’s like my boss saying life is not fair – when she clearly leads a charmed life.  Hah!
My health problems continue, because I am busier and stressed than ever.  I still work and I still bake.

And if I'm going to be superstitious I'd say my Chinese Zodiac Sheep Year prediction was right - healthwise. I even have a boil - yuck!!! Stuff I never got as a kid I'm getting now.  My doctor said my immune system is way low.
So here I am  getting my life and my health back.   And posting again.  It wasn’t really the time factor that kept me from it.  It was the weariness of mind and body, petty inefficiencies and a degree of dumbing down that left me…well…incredulous! Good thing there’s instagram and coffee and eats!  I’m sorting all the pictures I’ve taken and the backstories to post soonest!  For now, I’ll say thank you to everyone who still checks in now and then.  Really appreciate it!
I'd also appreciate attributes and photo credits as these are all my pictures.


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