Short and Sweet!

A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

New Year's resolution: post more (sigh). Let's see me do it! Distractions, technical difficulties, mood swings, work, baking time, poor internet connection and disastrous weather lurks forever it seems.  So really, let's see if I make good or just resolve to resolve hehe.
Nature hasn't been so nurturing lately.  She's been brutish, heaving, spewing, mercurial (love that word). In my part of the world, she lashes out with rain and wind (to all the countries who helped and is still helping us, thank you).  Elsewhere: numbing, biting cold.  
When I was a kid I wished for the miracle of snow because it looked so pretty and blankets everything clean white. When couples in holiday movies are about to kiss or magic finally happens, there's always snow floating softly down. 
When I and my brothers were little, the highlight of our Christmases is watching Holiday on Ice. I wanted to be a figure skater. Watching the pros, I felt as though I am curling and unfurling, high jumping and gliding with them.  I wait for the music to soar and the movement to equally scare and put me in awe. After I've read books, seen movies (like Eight Below -I love dogs) with merciless snowstorms and frostbite, I stopped wishing for snow days.  
I'd rather bake snowballs! 
Well, they look like snowballs anyway. 
My friend Shy took some baking lessons and wanted to practice.  She didn't have an oven so she used mine. I helped with the basics and not so basic tips.
Baking with a friend is fun! These are basically lemony cupcakes topped with a mound of white chocolate frosting then covered in desiccated coconut.  Yum! To make it more festive, we bought ready made gum paste wreathe, Santa, and candy cane cake toppers.  
I must have made a hundred snowballs! Sweet! : )

p.s. Uncharacteristically short post, I know.  It's just that my 2013 ended with a whimper.  Or maybe a stutter.  There were good days and bad days but too much of the latter. At times I didn't have the words or there were too many to make sense of. I was tired all the time.  Hopefully, 2014 is way better, for all of us.  I do have hope! My syrup runneth over and formed a Santa Claus face one Pancake House morning. Although Santa could smile a bit more, I'd consider it a good sign. That scoop of whipped butter looked like a snowball too!
Happy New Year! Will post again soon : )


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