Storm and Ferment!

The sun will come out...eventually! I will post...eventually! Haha! 
Typhoon season still and some LPAs are brewing (low pressure areas bringing thunderstorms, flash floods) but with the first of the -ber month in,  hopefully we won't have as many.  Of course our first floor morphed into an indoor pool yet again, but flood levels (in my area ) are not so high to necessitate evacuation but high enough to put the fear in me of my oven potentially drowning.  I lugged it up to my room. 
I still have that bit of heartache but it is dulling to a general exasperation over how life and fate throws the darnedest things at you. I watched Despicable Me 2 to cheer myself up only to tsk tsk at Gru's love life being much better than mine. Then I read in a book that maybe you have to "pursue" whatever  rather than complain about "what showed up". 
Or, in my case, who! 
I told a friend about writing a poem in a cafe about it, all college girl like and she shrieked "you posted that?!!!? But blogs are supposed to be all happy and nice and positive!"  Well you have to take the salt with the sweet so you can come up with great stuff like...salted caramel! 
What really helped me are visits to Padre Pio's.  I did not take as many pictures, not because there are restrictions (I didn't even ask) but that I felt that some places are too sacred.  I like the calm and sense of peace I get from visiting the church and watching the birds. 

 I also like seeing all the angels tucked in planters, swinging from trees and lounging about (because it reminds me of our own menagerie at home haha).
Visiting the Sacred Room can be a very emotional experience:  There is something moving (in more ways than one) in seeing the lifelike wounded Jesus and grieving Virgin Mary. You should see for yourself
I'm grateful my self indulgent/self absorbed musings got some readership so a huge thank you to y'all! I take it to mean that some of my thoughts resonate or the food appeals (at the very least) but really I'm just doing what comes naturally: complain, kvetch, huff, laugh, sometimes bake or cook or eat my way out of the box I'm in.
Or, in this case, out of a bottle hah!

Look what I got! Bangus in a bottle! Binagoongan at that! Bagoong is fermented fish (fish bagoong you buy already made and bottled)or shrimp paste- waaay pungent to cook or have around the house.

The smell sticks on your clothes and drapery.  Fresh bought, the shrimp paste is all "old rose" pink or beige-y and there's a gazillion pinprick eyes in silent rebuke (aha big word again) at how life is too short for them shrimpies.
Anyway, you wash the shrimpies and boil  in vinegar and water before you sautee in lots of garlic, cracklings (pork rind rendered to get the fat). tomatoes, chili and calamansi (to help minimize lansa or fishiness. Bagoong is best paired with manggang hilaw (green mango) and inihaw na talong (grilled eggplant)or dip for singkamas (turnip) but used as flavor base for ginataang gulay  (vegetables in coconut milk), binagoongang baboy (pork belly cubed and cooked in bagoong sauce),  and pinakbet (Ilocano veggie dish).
Bagoong Club (yep everything has bagoong in it, lip smacking good but sinful food you eat willfully ignoring sodium, cholesterol or calory count) serves my favorite munggo sa bulalo.  Munggo is sauteed mung or beans and bulalo is bone marrow soup. Either one is lethal.  Together in a dish, laced with bagoong... let's just say you'd be  toeing a thin line between mind blowing and life threatening.  So brace yourself!
Back to binagoongan in a bottle. SeaKing sells cooked bangus in bottles (daing or marinated milkfish too)and my brother's friend gave us some to try.  I took these pictures eons ago and was always on the lookout since (it took a while before the product got on supermarket shelves).  I used to eat a lot of Connie's Kitchen Gourmet Tuyo ( salted fish in olive oil,with capers or without) but while still a favorite, tuyo in any form induces lower back pain (gallstones).  
I liked the binagoongan variant more, mostly because I love bagoong hehe. It is milkfish instead of the usual pork so that makes it a tad healthier.  It isn't too salty either. Like Goldilock's I say "this one is just right!".  It is now my go-to ulam (viand) when flooding banishes us to the top floor and we can't cook.  
More rice please! Burp!

P,s, My UP Sunday walks (only exercise I get besides dancing in my room) were foiled time and again by LPAs. One time I managed four turns at the UP Oval before all the leaves started swirling around me. A strong whoosh of wind sent us scrambling for cover - ice cream and turon (deep fried brown sugar crusted wrapped bananas) vendors (they should team up and sell icy hot bananas), joggers, photographers (amateurs and pros - UP's sunken garden and trees provide generic backdrop for many a pre-nup and school project pictures) and some families bent on having a picnic despite forecasts.
I've been busy with the baking as well and posting is a challenge. I sold cookies and crinkles at a tiangge (flea market) she and her condominium neighbors set up.  I had a lot of fun! 

I realize I've been sleeping over at friends' places lately, making a go at house sitting.  Except the view from the window is usually the skyline.  High and dry, that's me haha.  You could also say, although I was out and about a lot in August, I was virtually in other people's spaces (and at Crowne Plaza) and I am grateful.   "Wake me up when September comes" goes the song although my meaning is literal, for here it is September and I am finally back to being my old self.


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