Gluttonous, Glutinous, Guilty!

I resolve not to resolve to make New Year resolutions. Haha.
Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! It's time for tikoy (glutinous cake) breakfasts yey! Sunday might see me taking in the dragon dance in Binondo and having New Year coffee at Tully's! Newly opened in Binondo.
How's that for global food? Of course there won't be tikoy at Tully's!
And bring out the bilog bilog - round things, like these J.Co. Donuts pops (wonder if they're still selling the pops, could be a Holiday promo thing). Cute huh? There was more but I ate half of everything before I thought to take pictures. The Al Capone (almonds and white chocolate) is the first casualty hence no pictures! Bitesize is more fun - you eat more kinds in one sitting! The pink one is heaven berry, the brown is oreology and the brown laced white one is why nut. Fun names!
Fruit ,too (still completing eight kinds).
Also time to read up on predictions, signs and cures. Wouldn't hurt to ensure a good year.
But back to resolutions.  I disappoint myself most of the time.  I know, I know, no pain no gain, no excuses, just cause and all that.  So what if I resolve not to diet, not to exercise, not to cook or bake so I don't have food on my hands and on my mind all day? Incidentally I have a friend who diets by sleeping all day! Unless she sleep-eats, there's no way to cheat hahaha.  If I do that I'd be hungry and won't look it.  I never was waif-like. I reckon I'll look like a puffer fish.
I made it through Christmas and New Year not eating out or in (much) -except for regular Holiday food.  It's "regular" when it consists of grilled meats, ham and bread.  We didn't go for fancy cooking, as you can tell from my last posts.  My friends were in hibernation, too, so except for two reunions where I only got to pig out in one (our host is in an expansive mood: plenty of food, catered and there's only a bunch of us so no sense wasting the bounty) and daintily shared lunch with body conscious forty somethings.  One of the gang touts Amway products and the rest just had to know which ones answer our (ehem) particular needs to keep slim, maintain good skin and ward off anything that screams "aging".  You know, degenerating eye sight, flab, jiggly arms, aches and pains, and the subject (new to us) of "maintenance"  meds. It was a very looong, noisy lunch.
I was also busy working on some projects and my twin nephews on vacay meant cooking something on the fly when they drop by.  It was fairly easy cooking - reheats, pasta with different sauces, cream dory fried with parmessan, or breaded fillets or Asian style (steamed with ginger and soy sauce), fried ham, and sinangag (fried rice with leftovers).   It was how often people eat that made me feel like I am running a restaurant or catering - the dishes pile up so.

The few times I endured Holiday traffic, my law of compensation won out.  You know, the pros outweighing the cons.  Of course I get to define pros and cons.
I wouldn't buy soda - we stock up during the Holidays so I couldn't avoid  having some. Ah me of weaker will!
But when I'm at the mall I would rather have mochiko (glutinous sweet rice flour filled with ice cream) from Dezato (black sesame is my favorite) than soda or eats.  There's regular filled mochi, but I love ice cream! Next post I'll tell you why : )
Mall fast food is a lot more interesting and global these days. If I do eat something more substantial I'd go for Mr. Kimbob's bibimbob (their brandname but its really bibimbap) .  It's my low budget answer to a Korea Garden  (in Jupiter St., Makati) craving.  These days the craving is triggered by table scenes in all those Koreanovelas my mom watches.  Looks like food and family mealtime is just as important - the characters are always eating and commenting on how good the kimchi was this year or how highly  prized are abalones and ginseng.
I have to say ginseng does not appeal to me.  I was sickly as a kid and dad sometimes would get gifts of a bottle of tea colored liquid with a gnarly root in its depths, like something out of a horror forest or a lab specimen.  Harry Potter's mandragora or mandrake root (shaped like a baby with a knockout scream) made me think of the ginseng root and the tea I was forced to drink.  I would pinch my nose and gulp down.  I thought I could smell dirt and taste it too. Kind of bitter.  Maybe now its made less "earthy" tasting.
Anyway! A Korean Garden spread is pricier so fast food bibimbap would do in a pinch.
There's more rice and sides of bean sprouts, julienned carrots, kangkong (swamp cabbage), cabbage and kimchi than meat but the sizzling plate it's on and the way it singes veggies and meat at the edges for a slight crisp, the tongue burning sriracha like pepper sauce makes you appreciate the rice and the fried egg  on top.  Dials down the heat a bit. Tip: don't have soda with spicy food, water is more soothing.
Brgy. Bagnet is a good bet too.  Bagnet is a cross between deep fried pork belly (liempo) and chicharon or crackling. The fat part is really thick and needs to be because the oil is all that would preserve the meat (the Ilocano way) and save the juices from drying up completely. It really is best freshly cooked if you want the fat to be all melty and jelly like and the skin crisp.  Mall air conditioning isn't ideal so kudos to those who can serve bagnet "fresh".  That's a misnomer, since bagnet is intended and prepped as preserved meat, that my Ilocano grandmother breaks a piece off to add to some  dishes - pork cube in 3D!
My friend Joy got time off between travels and was my eating buddy throughout, except we seem to want "plainer" food - Taco Bell, hole in the wall pasta and sandwiches at Cubao Expo and my favorite place Friuli Trattoria.  I didn't like the pictures I took.  If you don't have a good camera with you, low light, pale walls, brown meat and tomato sauce-d food does not make a good picture.  The obsessive compulsive me cringe at the thought.
I will relent with this Tre Formaggi pizza, my favorite!
Thin and crispy and more blue-cheesy! Joy didn't like smelly cheese but ended up taking home the rest of the pizza hehe.  I wistfully let her have it, since she saved me from gorging again, my law of compensation hehe.  Besides, even days after I ate at Cyma (Greek Taverna), I am still feeling the Bifteka - wagyu burger with a thick slab of feta cheese on top! I finished the whole thing, along with several forkfuls of moussaka and a tiny bowl of lentil soup (too hearty for me).  And I had those after a virtuous Roka Salata (salad).  As if!
All these indulgence without exercise, sigh.  My littlest toe got in the way of a plummeting (and full) Pepsi Max bottle. I was reaching for one in the case, not seeing another rolling along, getting caught in the soda case' molded plastic top and thumped my poor toe black and blue.  Hurt real bad I couldn't put my weight on it.
So now I have to make up big time.  But I don't resolve to, no.  Pressure will make me stress eat! So I am biding my time.  I managed two UP Sunday walks thus far (foot feeling better), taking along Puck the dog who now begs me to go more often.  I thought Puck would lead me a merry pace, but led me on a chase instead. We stopped to enjoy live music for free via the Himigsikan but he was fidgety. I managed to sit him down for a whole set.

P.s. Puck and Finn loved the plain tikoy.  Mom said I shouldn't feed them the egg dipped, fried and sugared slices.
We did the best we can cleaning some more before the Chinese New Year comes this weekend. I did some of the rituals on New Year's Eve, including setting out a prosperity plate of sorts with rice, salt and ginger.  Here's a funny thing - the ginger shrivelled up and grew a shoot! That's great right? Do I plant it already or leave it on the plate.  Any suggestions?


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