Bikos of You...

Happy Hearts Day!!!

I hope your heart is happy, whether you are taking part (willingly or dragged by your partners) in the one day a year over the top mush fest, sitting knee to knee at a corner table or side by side at a booth, proposing, buried under a mass of flowers, hiding out with a day's worth of movies, or trolling the net for appropriate love quotes and pick up lines.
I give you biko (rice cake for sticking together and staying sweet) on this day.
Mom made it, I shaped it into a big fat heart.
Of course a fat heart will make your best suit or LBD (little black dress, if you don't already know) burst at the seams and defeat your month long diet just so you could impress and doubly attract your date. So I cut it in half, for sharing!

Sing with me now: bikos of you, my waistline changed...err ok I am cutting the corn.  Have it your way.  Today I mean.

p.s. That's coconut jam dribbled around my biko heart.  


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