BTW A Belated Pichi Halloween To You! Aren't you relieved? wink, wink.
I'm not lazy I'm just a little unwell.  I know right now you don't care. Bet you'd care for some pichi pichi though.  That's grated cassava - ideally so fine it melts in your mouth - and-flour-and-sugar steamed cakelets with either shreds of coconut or (this one) a mountain of cheese on top. Heigh ho!  :  )
This might be a good recipe for pichi pichi. Mine are store bought but hey I am in Malabon, surrounded by everything kakanin.
P.s. The spideys are survivors of the Titanic Ref. glug, glug, glug.
P.s2:  Thank you for liking my pictures.  I hope you link back or attribute when you like it so much you have to repost or something.  I'm for attribution not retribution you know. Peace!


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    1. me too! I could eat a whole boxful if I don't watch it hehe. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! so sorry for the late reply though :(


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