Blame it on the Rain part 1

Or blame it on people.  So it came to pass:  what goes around comes around.  Or in Tagalogang basurang tinapon mo, babalik sa iyo”, which basically meant the garbage you throw away will spew forth in a roiling, heaving mass, out of the depths of Manila Bay...a murky sea indeed  Our famous bay view sunset hid from embarrassment and disgust as the sea drank too much (rain water, courtesy of  typhoon Gener) and puked (what a word) tons of garbage  - mostly plastic! Serves us right!
I have been pontificating about littering till we all go green but natch, who listens? I just want the sea to laser target actual litterers you know, dump the lot on their backyard and spare ours.  Our own experience is that people throw stuff anywhere and it rides the wind, driven by rain or booted out of the way an into our garden.  How else to account for plastic empties of ice candy, cornick, chips, cigarette butts, and Zesto juice we didn’t consume? 
The house was flooded for a week. On top of tides, dams spilling over and weather surprises vis a vis climate change, blame it on broken dikes as well.  People were reeling. saying they didn’t see it coming and looked for others to blame.  Which they did, on PAGASA, the weather bureau.  Oh yeah they’re blamable to a certain extent but people don’t listen. Newscasts have been all about climate change and how we are seeing plenty of surprising twists to the weather.  Commendable, sensible campaigns by GMA-7,  QTV 11 and TV5 tells everyone to stock up on non perishable, cooked food, turn water gallon bottles into swim floats (by sticking them inside a waterproof backpack), and tips to keep you sane in insane conditions.  I mean, the best you can do – “you” being the operative word. 
I can’t do much about our water world, except do the best we can until it passes.  It is such a huge problem. People commend me for having a healthy sense of humor, particularly when I refer to the flooding downstairs as our instant indoor pool and the water on the terrace about to spill over as our infinity pool.

I blamed my parents for setting up house in a virtual drain.  I blame myself for not being able to afford (yet) getting us all out of here.  There are reasons why and why not, all beside the point of this post. 
What I want to say is, if you think things through, follow the logic, you’d survive. If the news has been saying there’s this and that LPA (low pressure area) in the horizon, it may or may not turn into a storm but anticipate that there are all these extenuating circumstances in our beleaguered country: garbage clogged or non-existent drains, low lying areas, faulty architecture and engineering, no money and unfortunate incompetence to respond quickly in emergencies.  I mean, this is our reality so the perfect storm could feel like the end, never mind nuclear war.   
To our advantage, (maybe) my dad knows how to do things like repair and augment.  I take charge over organizing (including dogs) and making the upstairs livable, mom takes care of foodstuff, the brother goes out to buy what we need (lutong ulam or cooked food from Jack’s), the married brother who lives elsewhere high and dry lends us his bathroom.
See my baking stuff? I pack them in plastic and inside duraboxes.  To keep ants out I buy lavender colored ant repellent grains from the garden store and put them in bins at the base of the boxes.  I figure I blunted the ants’ nose for sugar with the  double seal of plastic pack and canister. Ditto with the grains not getting in my boxes  
The microwave stays upstairs. This week’s surprise is we can’t cook on the gas stove, there was a leak in the hose, probably due to having to detach the tank whenever flood threatens to lift it out of “anchor”. Logically, if you keep fiddling with something, something breaks, right?  My dad had to cook on the coal stove till we have the leak seen to. 
In case there’s power failure or the juice turned off, we have candles housed in clay garden lamps (so we don’t burn the house down).  The emergency light is on standby, too.

You can’t keep anything in the ref, we have to turn that off as well.  There’s no space for it upstairs but hey, if people manage on instant noodles, we do much better with pre-cooked tocino, longanisa, tuyo (dried salted fish with fried rice (drains the water out of the grains so it doesn’t spoil easy, that is if you can’t use a rice cooker.  Here's a picture of my breakfast, topped with scrambled eggs. Yeggs!!!! Although, getting the fish bone out is pretty tedious - if you are like me who has to get it all.

Or you could have fried galunggong fish, spring chicken
or nuggets, dinuguan, and  adobo. 
Dinuguan and  adobo (the three picture series above) are prime examples of Filipino food that might put off health conscious folks but the fat sort of preserves it and the flavor deepens over time.  Just yummy!  This is what Filipino food looks like!  Think these would make your world-class food list?

I can cook eggs on the microwave! I found this nifty thing at Japan Home.

First, you put a fourth teaspoon of water or cooking oil in the well, break an egg over it and then sprinkle with salt.  Looks like a robot head hehe.
You close the lid and then pop the lot in the microwave, cook three minutes on medium high.  See?  Less time you get runny eggs.  You can't have the crinkly crispy edges though but it's certainly neat stuff!
Now this post I wrote at an earlier time when I was still sane.  Next post is waay tragic. Who knew this egg face with the down turned yolk mouth would be me, in a matter of hours. 


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