The Sun Will Come Out...

...tomorrow?  In a minute? Two ticks? Not ever?
The rains are here again and with it the scare of all dams breaking loose, err, spilling over.
As it happens, we are glued to the TV waiting for advisories and announcements about water levels nearing such and such alert level/color.  Whatever, there's water coming in anyways, which level kind of dictates how I eat.  Less, actually, because using the bathroom is a problem.
There's no typhoon but plenty of rain and high tide brought on flooding. And then there's garbage clogging waterways.  People throw rinds, seeds, peels, wrappers, sticks, plastic cups, sandwich bags, bottles and what not out the jeepney window, right on the ground by the food cart or thrown as they walk! To think that we are a people who likes munching as we go and there's street food and drink stalls and restaurants everywhere. The underground economy is alive and kicking so a ton of trash is inevitable.

I baked with my boots on.  I have cookie dough stored but since flooding was rising a bit higher than usual (faster too) we might have to shut down the power so everything in the ref has to be cooked or eaten. We usually detach the LPG or gas cylinder, too, for safety.
I baked huge cookies!  I needed to use up the dough fast, see?  Didn't bother making it look nice and I just threw in the white chocolate bits instead of my usual artful "planting" hehehe.
The small ones were the last of the lemon crinkle dough balls.
My emergency bake was waaayyy welcomed by the family, of course (particularly when we were shut in) My brother went nomnomnom at the big treat : )
The dogs each have a platform to lie or stand in and are as icky about poop or piss on wet patio floors as their caregiver (me!) is icky about using the bathroom.  We all manage to hold it in hahaha till the water subsides in late afternoon
Yes, the Otterhound is a swimming dog but no way will he go in the water. When flooding is particularly high outside, which land lies lower than our first floor, I bring in the Boston Terrier and the Otterhound. The smaller breed gets to stay at the top of the stairs and the Otterhound stays on the landing. Here he is hunched over lunch. He didn't want to get up.
By four p.m, water flows back to the drainage and the river. My parents and I start baling, soap down and disinfect walls and floors. When my brother comes home from work, he'd finish up the cleaning. Electric fans do the work of drying the floor. The dogs go back outside.

I know what you are thinking! Moving to a flood free place is not possible now.

What we usually cook in anticipation of being holed up and the stove on "forced leave": all kinds of adobo (usually chicken or pork) including adobong pusit (squid). This is squid stewed in fresh garlic, vinegar and its own ink. In Spain it would be calamari con su tinta.

Squid doesn't look nice dead or alive but they do taste delish! Speaking of which: most flavorful and out-of-this-world tasting Filipino food looks...well, out of this world hahaha. There was talk that our dishes/cuisine will be trending pretty soon as the next global food/cuisine The challenge is to make them look lots more appealing.
Like this adobong pusit - alien like with tentacles and mantle, murky and pink in gray black mud (or like a nasty burn). Oops sorry if I put you off squid with that! My imagination runs so. How do you present this dish with more oomph without the irrelevant garnish and detracting from true tastes? I guess some chefs would deconstruct the thing to molecular gastronomy globes of flavor. Imagine pearls of squid ink ranged around a cube of squid? Or like this! The Inquisitive Cook is now on my Christmas wishlist!
Mom's garlic chicken lasts more than a week! It actually gets better as it "ages".Mom usually cooks this on special occasions since a lot of prep and cooking stages are involved. I can't give you her recipe because she won't write it down and I can't follow what she does since we have an itty bitty kitchen and I get in the way. I've been shooed more than twice! I managed to take pictures while she was on the phone hehe..
Anyway, her garlic chicken is like buffalo wings except she uses tons of garlic and worcestershire sauce and uses chicken breasts and leg. From what I can make out, the chicken is marinated, battered and fried before cooking in fresh garlic and the secret marinade. Fried garlic bits on top! Heady!
So if you look at the dish overall, you can't make breast or leg in the dark-ish red sauce. If I take it out of the sauce, like so, and add a sprig of basil flower (which is not used in the dish, therefore deemed irrelevant garnish), it looks rather pretty!

Of course there would be debate about what's really Filipino, food included. We could be a quarter, three quarters,  or half -bloods (Muggles!), which means a hodge podge of culinary influence.  Otherwise, adobo and sinigang undoubtedly tops the food list.
We heirs have to learn all the old tricks and dish before we start putting basil on everything.  This is nice for the table though, smells good too.  The marble mini mortar and pestle is a wedding giveaway, one of those things you can't throw away (moms are into bric-a-brac, the giver spent so much to give you one) but needs re-purposing to be useful.  I made little vases of herbs out of it. The often tacky little figurines I stick in potted plants to create "scenes" hehe.
The suman, with the winding coconut frond wrap and in a bunch looks like bleached centipedes with head and arms lost in a huddle. Hmmm, I hope you can't imagine it hahaha. If you can, just shake it off! You shouldn't miss the gloriously white rice cake inside that's just a touch more heavenly tasting when dipped in equally pristine sugar.I suggest you try Filipino food once.  I'm sure you'll bite! I'm also certain you'd want seconds!


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