Doggone Hairy Story!

We have dogs we have no business owning. We live simply, well within our means.
We have the basic utilities and mod cons, no cable. We have gadgets but nothing terribly expensive or fancy. No IPad or tablet, BBM or Android phones. I have had my Sony Ericsson K660i for years.
I do wish for this or that but other than a nice oven and cake display housed in a small cafe on stilts, there’s nothing more fervently prayed for.  
The family’s indulgence is food, the best we can afford.  That is when we all feel “rich”! 
So imagine having three dogs come to us, practically status symbols here: an American Pit Bull Terrier, a Boston terrier and an Otterhound.  You have to have money to buy, care and groom them.  We managed : )
The Pit came to us years ago, given by my mom’s friend who bred them. A mutual friend of theirs first left us her own pet Pit when she went to the States. The dog was more than a year old– black as night, almost four feet standing up and seven upright. He could pull four of us. He was gentle enough, beautiful, and scary at the same time. He stayed with us two days before we decided to give him to the breeder friend, since I was working full time then and leaving old parents at home with a huge dog which didn't grow with us worried me.
When the breeder’s own pet bore puppies, they gave us one to raise. That pit survived a bout of demodecosis with mom’s boiled guava and banaba leaves baths, tablespoons of virgin coconut oil, vet injections when I can spare the money, and lots of love. She wasn’t huge but she is bbbiiiigggg at 70 kilos. She grew up healthy, loyal, gentle to us and fierce as a guard dog. She is also quite jealous of the other two dogs, which came barely a year ago. Here's a nice blog for pits.
The Boston terrier and the Otterhound came within days of each other.

We know raising them will cost us some but couldn’t turn them away. Besides, the dogs have had vaccines when they came to us. Mom and I just made sure to take them to free follow up vaccination drives.

The terrier was from my brother’s boss.  They have a whole litter and cannot keep them all. The daughter trusts only a few people to give them new homes. My brother is one. She would not sell the puppies, because then dog family visits will not be possible.   The terrier pup came with his own set of “brothers and sister”, “mom and pup”, and “just baby” pictures.  Every now and then, my brother takes him to the dog parents and their humans to visit.  Too cute!!!
The boss’ aunt followed suit with a gift of the Otterhound, one of their own set’s litter. He was a ball of black fluff, sports a white goatee, fits in my bag and sleeps a lot. Here he is doing the business.  I was aiming for a cute shot but got a shat shot instead lol! He was younger and smaller than the terrier when he came and my brother did not say anything about breed or how big he would get.  He likes the terrier more.     
The fluffy ball kept growing, the goatee turned into a streak from beard to chest. We thought he was a cross bred something of poodle or jack russel. Then the fluff ball exploded to hairier proportions and got big as a teddy bear. I used to walk both dogs around the neighborhood. They were well behaved and love to run. When the hound got bigger, I walk them singly. When the hound got even bigger, I can’t walk him as often.- he runs! Like a horse, legs pumping and body stretched full out. Where he used to bound, he now gallops. He runs after cars, too.

My brother eventually said the dog was an Otterhound. When I Googled, I found the breed to be rare, of European origin and trained as show dogs.  They also said you shouldn’t own one if you are not patient.  Ours may have ADHD!  Too frisky! He has a short attention span; talks back when admonished (not really a growl, more like a groan (he had to have the last word hehehe).  He would tilt his head this way and that when you talk to him, as if trying to understand your words. He barks at flying plastic bags, bees, cats and the blue water gallon as it was carried past him. One site said they're not retriever dogs but this one likes to fetch his tennis ball and give it back for you to throw.  The ADHD part is, he can do this all day! He would even follow you to the kitchen so he could lay the ball at your feet and wait for the throw.
He waits for the finicky terrier to finish eating (that one leaves food on his bowl) so he can have the mumu. Mumu is Tagalog for bits of food or rice left on the table or plate.
Only trick I was able to teach is sit, stand, and shake left paw, right paw. 
We can’t afford grooming fees so I learned from the net and asked my Chairopink owner/friend Michelle.  She hasn’t had an Otterhound client and is intrigued. I know I can get a discount but I don’t want to impose and I can’t bring the dog all the way to the Tiendesitas shop, so she gave me some tips (Thank you, Michelle!
Don’t cut straight across. Use edged scissors.  Place a section of hair between middle and pointy fingers, flip section upwards and cut.  I rely on the net for visual pegs.
I comb clumping out, pulling stubborn and thick matted hair by firmly bracing the hair by the root with my hand. I do the combing before shampooing, too. It takes a while, since the hair is thickest at the base and there is a forest of wiry strands in between.  The hair color changed from gray black to shades of brown-red, gray and white.
I gave him a summer cut, as Michelle recommended, since I didn’t want him getting heat stroke.  Now that the days are cooler, I’m letting the hair grow longer.  There is only one other Otterhound living in the neighborhood and he is older and bigger than ours is.   I am hoping to find our otterhound a mate someday, so I can make shed hair pillows.  Kidding!!! : )


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