Life Imitates... Not Art

I got to join a discussion group. Real topic aside, there was an exchange of “life experiences”. It seems that most everyone in the circle has a cheating husband, admits to be a cheater/the cheating husband, and half bothered about their situation. I say this, because their better halves (some of them) accept what goes on, toeing the gray line for some reason or other.

The men (out of five, there were three who “shared” that it was so) claimed they cannot control the impulse to have an “extra” – set of kids too- and puts it down to “being human” or “tao lang” in Tagalog. I do not like using that justification. I would accept it for human error that occurs once, and that which is not hurtful to anyone else. I do not accept it for something that keeps on happening and among people my age. It is so telenovela of anyone to be so obsessed about a person, be so selfish and feel a false sense of entitlement – because “I” want it. I joked with the group yes, that I don’t see them as good examples to try marriage, that I am not encouraged. Really, I wasn’t joking. Life is hard enough without that kind of baggage

One bad thing of late was this friend who kept referring to me as “bespren” (kanto or street slang for best friend) in prior chats.  When he visited, he vented romantic ideas and kept hitting on me (in not so veiled statements which he takes back when called on it as “just joking” – presumably because if you are both adults you are “mature” enough to  joke about such things, "short" of harassment).  Despite knowing and being told that entanglements of the sort disgusts me and I view that kind of attention as insulting.  I have a strong sense of fairness, especially in relationships.  Also, I have a strong sense of what and who I like.  It may come across as arrogance but I don’t care.  He is married.  He was since un-friended.
I say, the grass may be greener on the other side but you don't know what's under it...a complex network of roots, dog poop, insects, more than a can of worms!

So there I was in a roomful of such people. Despite getting a sense of regret as they tell their stories, it is sad that they would go on living their telenovela plot.  I’d be depressed if I wasn’t fortified by a rare UP day with my family, including mom and Puck, the dog.  We went on a whim, when a clear day suddenly presented itself after a typhoon.  I haven’t been to UP in months and my body ached with the exercise.  
We didn’t go in time to catch this year’s sunflower burst but Puck and I lay n the grass, my head propped on a bike helmet, book at hand. That’s when I wasn’t running with the dog or taking pictures. My Sony Ericsson 660i with the great camera is now fixed. It’s been a while.

Of course we ended the day with a family meal at Chic-Boy, West Avenue.  Unlimited rice, soup and bottomless iced tea -loads of crunchy garlic sprinkled on top of the chicken oil drizzled rice and on the soup, calamares (fried squid rings); sinigang na baboy (sour soup pork); and the star chicken inihaw (grilled chicken).  The pictures on their website is way better than my half-eaten shots hahaha.

I did some baking again, too!  Chocolate and cream cheese pistachio; Tsok-nut and cappucino flavored marshmallow and chocolate; and our Independence Day “throw everything on it” chocolate cake!  Nixed the dieting and restraint – tao lang
P.s.  The irony you read here was unintentional.  I say, things have a way of falling in or out of place for me ; ).


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