Yelo Days

When the temperature gets as high as the 40s, you can’t do enough to cool down.  You can swim on the beach, soak in the tub, wallow in the condominium pool or splash about in an inflated one.  I did it all! Once you get out of the water, the humidity gets you and the heat is stifling.  Even your change of clothes feels hot on skin.  I have taken to opening my closet doors mid morning to allow clothes to “breathe”. Folded clothing practically turns into heating pads. I'm just about wilting!
I had to take my shoes out of boxes so the heat won’t claim any more cracked leather casualties.  I had to throw away shoes with the heels still intact but the uppers practically “skinned”.  Like the patent leather shoe.  I loved the gray velvet detail so I wondered if it could be saved.  I asked Besa’s if they can dye and resurrect the shoe (I’m being funny hehe).  They said the dye must be several shades darker than the original color and mostly in regular shades of brown, black or red.  

There’s nothing complementary for powder pink leather, which shoe now sports a few whitish “freckles”.  My silver shoes sports the same freckles and it could be remedied except there are no silver touch-up stuff at Besa’s.  Maybe silver nail polish would do? Hmmm.

Only real leather and suede can be dyed. Patent leather can’t be saved unless you like the look of dyed matte fabric. I picked out the cracked patent (like Lechon skin ha-ha) to see what was underneath and this dull, thin canvass-like material was it.  I imagined it dyed in a darker color and decided yuck!  Goodbye, shoe : (
It's not an "investment" kind of shoe but it was my concession to a "work" shoe.

I packed my lotion, bath gels, body butter, skin creams and fragrances in a basket and trundled them all downstairs where the room temp is more or less cooler (think wine cellar).  I noticed that lotions and creams turn liquidy in the heat.  I worry that the chemistry and potency would alter so.  That’s the geek in me imagining all sorts of mutation hehe, considering that the stuff would have alcohol that could dissipate or goats milk that could turn, glutathione into green muck, eye of newt, wing of know. You might have air-conditioning  but when you turn it off and the heat builds, the solid to liquid to whatever process sets in or deactivates whatever.  Admit it, it’s a thought! Nowadays, everything is a health hazard, seems to me, even yelo (though us Pinoys are of hardier stomach I guess).  Oxidation, coagulation, toxicity and virulence – all those scary, big words spewing out of the mouths of newscasters.
You’d think nightfall would bring relief.  If anything, it could be worse: at night all the windows are shut. 
We’ve been having a lot of yelo days lately.  Not a  typo.  Yelo is Tagalog for ice, from the Spanish word hielo. Tube ice, crushed ice.  Dad buys the crushed ice off the ice truck that delivers to the halo-halo vendors, at six in the morning.
I made ice cream with half a pack of ice scramble powder mom bought at the market with some milk and crushed ice in a blender.  You pulse blend until the consistency is thick and heavy.  Make sure you don’t allow the ice to melt completely and then you keep the lot in the freezer.  The ice cream is more like popsicles in consistency and melts easy, watery.  Maybe if I put some chilled premium cream in it, it would be ice creamier.  Should I have used the ice cream maker?  I was too lazy to unbox the machine and then do clean up.
Lazy isn’t the word, more like lethargic. 
We try to stay away from sodas and overloads on sugar of a different kind (interesting site, might help if you are worried about sugar). I make sugar syrup and mom makes panutsa (these brown spheres) syrup –  solid muscovado sugar panutsa boiled in pandan water (you just add pandan leaves to the water).
The panutsa syrup is the best base for sago and gulaman (tapioca pearls and agar agar jelly). You can opt for either one solo but we like combining soft gulaman and chewy sago with the gummy pearl center. Both can be bought in dry form
 Sugar syrup is good for mais con hielo -canned cream style corn and kernels mixed in crushed ice and milk.  You can use regular sugar crystals but I prefer the smoother syrup. Mais con hielo makes you feel fuller in the belly and the milk gave me gas (my lactose intolerance).  It’s more like halo halo – only less expensive for the pared down ingredients, except I added cheese ice cream in mine hehe..

Gulaman (agar agar) is boiled from bar to liquid form,  cooled to gel and then cut in strips or squares.  Sago pearls you just boil until softened.  You can buy ready to use as well, soaked in water at the market.  You need to drain and wash before using.
Sago absorbs more of the arnibal or syrup.
Panutsa makes the sago gulaman take on an earthier sweetness and you might get some grittiness (like coffee dregs) but I like it.  My brother does not; he prefers the sugar and vanilla based sweetness of the gulaman you can buy off any Master Siomai kiosk - my pit stop at the MRT station, after trudging up the stairs in this heat, panting and gasping for air!
Btw, any permutation of sago and gulaman, with fruit or fruit juice is called” sa malamig”, from the word “lamig” which means cold.  You can find huge jars of the stuff anywhere in the Philippines.   
The day before Agua de Mayo (that blessed first of May rain people say you should bathe under for good luck and health),
Mom bought yellow sweet potatoes, rarely seen and subtly sweet. I don’t know how to describe it except the texture is finer than that of the red ones; and  sweet melons, which I diced and blender-ed with ice and sugar syrup.
Reluctantly, I added milk.  Mom prefers the milky blend.  I like the pure taste of melon, in strips you make with a melon stripper - hehehe don't know what to call it.
See the yellow hat? It's the frozen melon concoction already melting soon as I took it out. Sunny yellow is a lot better than the shimmer of white heat.
I'll do anything to cool down! I found this site with plenty of  ideas! 

Any site on the net is there to give you ideas or help you out.  It doesn't always mean you get it right (or the site masters and writers) all the time. Just have fun making things, people! Thanks again for stopping by : )


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