Swelter Skelter

This week I am catching up on the posting.  Shortest. Post. Ever!
Hottest. Summer.
Shortness. Of. Breath. Gasp!
It's this melting heat.
Then you have to run for cover because some days the clouds open up,  rain makes the steam rise off the earth but not nearly enough to cool the air a bit..  My migraine blooms and grows!
So I am staying put.

Holy Week was rest and penance/penitence (diet and quiet - not even FB or net activity except the weekend).  I ate lightly.  No cooking or baking.
Since summer's here, fruit is the better option.
What I've been gorging on: green mangoes and papaya (the mango duck atop the papaya boat hehe).

Boiled kamoteng kahoy or cassava (the white tubers, lots of fiber). Nicely chilled and dipped in sugar.  You spit out the fiber like you would with sugar cane.  Camote (sweet potato) we share with the dogs hahaha.

Don't forget the singkamas! Peeled, sliced and kept in the fridge

Chesa (the yellow fruit with the big pit - tastes like sweet squash but the flesh is mushier. 
Caimito (starapple) the one that looked like Stuart Little in a helmet.  My granduncle has a tree - you shake a branch and down it splats with a sprinkle of sap. I freeze the fruit and the juice and jelly like texture makes me think: ice cream.

Of course I had ice cream!  Looked like three cuddly St. Bernards in a huddle hehehe.
Ripe yellow mangoes.
Kiat-kiat: those little oranges I eat like candy.  Much healthier.  All that Vitamin C.

And somebody gave us marang (from Davao).  The fruit are like pearls but thy taste like vanilla and cream grapes hehehe.

If I want to cool off, I get some macapuno strips and white beans - syrup and all - add crushed ice and milk and its sweet relief!

There isn't much I want to do in this sweltering heat except investigate, aping my FB Sim that does nothing but eat, go to the bathroom, work a little, watch TV with friends then throws a fit, get stinky and rips stuff up when ignored (which happens a lot hehehe).

I investigate  what came up the ground this summer and take pictures of  garden "survivors". Like the stunted guava tree that withstood six epic (it seems) flooding and still bear fruit.

And the kamias that every year loses all its leaves and the upper trunk rotting, only to rise again somewhere else and rain fruit.

Nothing fancy.

Just God saying "present"! .: )

P.s.  I've an Easter lunch post but sigh...will have to wait.  Here, have a watermelon.  Slurp!!!


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