Singled Out!

I am single.  Why? You want a stock answer, the jokey or the "seriously I can take up a whole day talk you through my epic love story" kind?  Here’s one stock answer to the questioned singlehood inevitably followed by the compliment  "What a waste, you're so pretty".  Uh, thank you.  I am! People assume I am taken! 
Told ya I have a jokey answer hehehe.
So here we go again.  Valentine month inevitably begs the question “are you celebrating with anyone”?  March is graduation and almost vacay time. April is Lent and May is bent – on weddings/fiestas/ family anniversaries/reunions.  Meaning: more chances of running into relatives who asks the same why aren’t you married question – over and over again.   So on top of the stressing over whether relatives (i.e. people who don’t pay attention to you the rest of the year)  think you look the same, needs improvement, or regressed to a tongue clicking low, you have to show off your guy or at least talk about a “prospect”. All that tsk tsk-ing about tick-tock!
I am not stressing much, mind you, just saying my piece for all the singles out there who belongs to a clan who believes people shrivel up and die if they are not married.  I have slain my own relatives with wit, candor, and veiled (sometimes not so thinly) bitchiness. 
Take your pick.  I am single because he hasn’t found me yet, I am hiding. 
Because I am choosy.  
Because I’m not you.  
Because at work I am boss and I don’t like work relationships -too messy.  
Because I am waiting for the highest bidder. Someone actually opened his wallet to show me wads of money but I asked for a blank check and prime real estate.  Not that I could be bought, I didn’t like him at all. I was letting him down jest-ly.  
Because I don’t want to starve and have you noticed how high tuition costs these days, not to mention all the extras a kid has to have/study to keep up?  I am exaggerating, of course.  Apparently, married folks can find a way to feed and clothe and buy an iPad.  I don’t have one. 
Because I’ve had better boy friends than the current, uh, pick and a downgrade is not an option (never mind that I dumped them for a reason- you don’t need to know).
A distant cousin asked me why I am not married, she said “wala kang silbi” (Tagalog phrase for good for nothing), to which I was pissed enough to counter with “well, what are you good for?” That shut her up. She has been married five years and still no baby.  I know, waaay harsh! I am sorry for her but sometimes I refuse to be the bigger person.  Besides, I don’t ask people things like that.  I know my place.   
To people who tell me it is sad to grow old alone, I say “how would you know, you’re married.”  Here’s the thing, no one is really that “sad” or “lonely” until you make them feel it.  Everyday you find something saddening (just watch the news) and it is easier to get into a pity party than out of it.  It is easier to fill your days with joy when you’re not hanging onto someone else’s.  
A family friend’s husband died last year and she couldn’t cope.  She lived his life.  Independence is hard for her now, despite so many things she could do. She is even crankier than an old maid.
Everyday there is work and things that need attention.  You get too busy to think unhappy thoughts (unless you are not happy with what you are doing).
I am innately a happy person.  If not always that happy, I am the kind of person who needs quiet times in between.  I have friends who are the same and we are not NBSTs (No Boyfriends Since Teenhood).  We have even been engaged once.  My love life needs a lift but see, when you are as old as I am, you pretty much know what you don’t want or can’t be bothered to deal with. 
Only thing that makes me sad is the state of my wallet hahaha. 
So! To wrap up this rant I give you another one of my quotable quotes: “I know you’re happy, huwag kang mangdamay.” This basically tells off your nosy friend/relative/stranger asking too many personal questions to shove it, without being offensive. Hehehe.
Of course, this post is not without the customary food for thought.  My friend Rye bread  (my nickname for him hehe) asked me for easy meal suggestions.  Another friend, Aya and her sister tried making my tuyo pasta and loved it.  They too, would like me to dish some more ;  ).  BTW, they're single.

See these on the plate?  That’s lightly salt and peppered eggplant strips seared on a nonstick pan then set aside.  The Tagalog longanisa (sweet and salty pork and pork fat stuffed into one long sausage casing so you have to buy it by the slice) is seared next, same pan.  The rendered fat will serve as your base oil to sauté garlic and onions in.  Don’t burn!  Then you put the meat and the eggplant back in, sizzle with a little bit of white wine (what I had in the fridge anyway, maybe red is better), pour in a bit of tomato sauce, add some chili flakes or a real one (seeded) then salt and pepper to taste.  It won’t need much, because the longanisa is spiced enough and the eggplant is sweet. Throw in fresh parsley bits to finish. The sauce tastes better the next day, when all the flavors come together.  Too much wine in it can be off putting for some and you burp as if you’ve had beer.  I just think a tiny bit gives the eggplant and longanisa a nice...hmmm...flavor upgrade?  Then you pour the lot on top of your pasta.  Eat!

Here’s another: corned beef sinigang.  Waaay easy! Palm corned beef has chunks and strands I liked but find it a bit bland to my Filipino patis (fish sauce) accustomed taste.  Except for Highlands and Delimondo corned beef (the best! 
You cook the fat down to just enough crispness and moistness then top with caramelized onions), I find other local brands too flaky or mushy.  
Funny, too, that it  smells like bagoong (anchovy paste) cooking (except for Swift’s, I think).  Now why is that? And what's with the cheesy ads? That's my beef!
Anyways, I sauté garlic,  onions and tomatoes. You know the white curdled fat you see when you open a can of corned beef? I spoon it out and use it as sauté fat.  Then I add some thin strips of potatoes and cabbage (okay, julienned!) the way you would for regular soupy corned beef.  I add some water and pour in sinigang mix (tamarind based sour broth powder).  To taste; just a hint of sour but not overpoweringly so that you lose the corned beef flavor. Then the beef goes in.  Simmer. Eat!  Ain’t that easy? Hehehe.    
I don’t need to tell you that sauce and anything with tomatoes in it spoils easy in hot weather, do I? It does! Store in the fridge then microwave when you want some. 
Here’s a good think! When you’re single, you can go fish hahaha. Have a nice summer y’all!

P.s. Again thank you for coming back.  I have been busy dieting and dying.


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