Unfinished Business

So! Another year over and this post is later than never hehehe!  If my getting gifts (here’s a bunch) over the Holidays is any indication, the new year should be a good one.  I am hoping for great! Fingers crossed!

I didn’t get to do all the New Year rituals (again) in time.  Does that mean my luck will kick in at the last minute? New Year came and went and all we were able to do is be together on the eve, eat twelve grapes at the strike of twelve and have as much pork as we can.

Pork is the new chicken, have you heard?  On account of you can trim the fat, unlike in beef where it is in the marbling and you know you can’t pick it out.  But that’s what makes beef taste like beef! If it lost its marbles, it would be jerky hehehe. The thinking was, pork or beef or any celebratory food you have on New Year’s Eve and the day after would ensure good eating all year!
As for the grapes of wealth, well, each member of the family is supposed to eat a dozen so money would “roll” in.
My surprise Santas rained presents on me.  Joyeux gave me a Guess wallet with a lucky dollar, Japanese Cherry Blossom scent; and Gap tights (which went with my baby doll dresses real spiffingly).  Maloy's gifts were fun and sooo me, hehehe.  I am ageless in the beaded Gap mini skirt and the NY&C watch in pink leather and brilliants is purtty nice!  My loot also included a L' Occitane beauty kit, with a facial foam my face loves and will sorely miss when it's all gone.

For some reason, my skin is at its best when pampered by the French, maybe because I used to raid my mom's stash of Lancome face kit (somebody's gift, itty bitty bottles that came free with the giftee's big bottle spend).  A regular paycheck made me feel rich enough to buy my own "regular" size set for a year's use.  If I go local, I break out.  Now that I'm not working, off with the French! Good thing I have Avon to fall back on - not as pricey but just as great.  I also have Santa Millie to thank for my Anew Rejuvenate Flash Facial! Veddy, veddy silky!
Dianne "showered" me with Olay; Ot sent me a nifty angel bearing Winter Thyme bath kit, scrub and all; Nessi a cute purse and medicated lip balm; Anna a Gap sandal; Rachel an MNG cropped sweater.  

We got a box of cookies, too, all dressed up for the Holidays.  There's much to be said about nice packaging:  you oooh and aahhh over the sparkly cardboard and the hugeness, then deflate just a bit when you open 'em and find single serve stuff. Bitin (tagalog for not quite enough)! Like a friend says, "perception is everything" at first pick!  
There was a single envelope (literally) of a crepe cookie - basically a folded flat crunchy "apa" (ice cream cone, the sweet and smooth kind, not the kind with the waffle grid) - smeared with chocolate. There was a box of hard candies in green, red and white. There were sugar cookies that taste like my favorite local Butter Coconut cookies. Oh well, I love the white chocolate pretzel with the crushed red and white peppermint candy sprinkle anyway and I wish I know how to make 'em.  Plus I had the Ghirardelli hot chocolate all to myself, ha!  
Doesn't this pretzel and chocolate peppermint filled cookie look like a winking pig face? And the peppermint twirls with the pompoms a clown face?

So what did I get to do? I cleaned my room, chucked out old papers. I have a lot of paper, from my writing days- clippings and such.  For the longest time I kept one diary from my super-ex years (ex love that is).  Finally, that too was burned to oblivion.  You are supposed to let go of the old so the Universe can usher in all new things.  You are supposed to make space for newness. 

If you have electronics and appliances in the house, you are supposed to plug in and get them working at the stroke of twelve.  Stereos, TVs, laptop open and blasting out Jango beats, the oven toaster toasting something, all the lights on – so they'd be up and running the entire year. The DVD player was working overtime, specially, because we all sat down to some serious series marathon watching – Lee Min Ho in City Hunter, subtitles and all hahaha. Even my dad!

Another rule is: get all unfinished business done!  In my case, it was painting the last wall and the last ceiling panel (white).  Finally!  Now I don’t know how much luck the color red would bring us, but I painted one wall a rich red.  Red connotes fire and pulsating energy.  We are going to need some of that!  ;  ) 
 Another unfinished business: finally uploading a picture of my canonigo. (this recipe except I modified the custard) I made one for Christmas but didn’t have a picture. I wanted to make Brazo de Mercedes (translation: Mercedes’ arm), which is a roll cake made of mostly egg whites for the soft meringue-base roll and egg yolks for the custard filling, drizzled with caramelized sugar syrup.  I figured rolling out the delicately soft, airy cake and filling it in would be tough so I browsed the net for a canonigo recipe (basically a deconstructed Brazo, with the custard as a side – you dollop a bit on top of your canonigo instead).
Made with love, of course, hehehe.  What a sweet heart I am turning out to be in my dotage  ; )
Santa Zurich sent me Joanne Harris & Fran Warde's coffee table cum recipe book "My French Kitchen".  I've bookmarked possibles for future cookery, save for those pages that prescribe truffles and Gruyere.  Boulade Bicolore - a two tone chocolate roll - is a definite pick! 
Thank you for patiently waiting and wading through my gobbledygook hehehe.  I hope you stay around.

P.s. My friend Mikko said he didn’t get any presents and that may be because he hasn’t been good this year.  I told him, I haven’t gotten any the last five years so does that mean I wasn’t then? Darn! (and that is another unfinished biz – mending clothes.  Also, improbably, my heart. It helps that my Santas are friends who never forgot me, despite the geographical distance.


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