Good News; Bad News

I am not counting down the days till Christmas (who needs to, all the morning shows do it) more than I do days of flooding to endure.  The good news is, the water level doesn't rise (fingers crossed) more than several inches these days.
So I am like this bird, pondering the watery world below my perch, probably contemplating food - insects and bugs- and me... "real" food.  I can't eat much.  We are too tired to cook so we make whatever is easy.
Plus I had allergies. It was safer to stick to Skyflakes and water, in case it was due to something  I ate. Process of elimination, you know. The good news: I lost weight on top of pounds I shed from vigorous cleaning after flooding. 
 The bad news: I went hungry for a week.
It was drug eruption - that's when medicine you take for (in my case) muscle pain (from baling and cleaning everyday almost) gives you an itchy rash that starts as a welt in the face, sprouts goose bumps on arms and blooms into rosy maps all over your body.  Like a bad case of sunburn.  So while there's pulo-pulong pag-ulan (Tagalog phrase for scattered rain showers - pulo is island, ulan is rain)on the weather report, I have islands of pink on my legs, back and arms). 

Turns out I have an allergic reaction to paracetamol exacerbated by too much cleaning (!!!)  - I am also allergic to detergents, cleaning fluid, and soaping up too often.  (I took Alaxan, a muscle pain reliever.  Has paracetamol.  Check MIMS for med info before you take any and don't self medicate - the net helps you some but doctors know better).  

I did eat a bowlful of ginatang halo halo - see here all curdly with thick gata (coconut cream), with chunks of yam, sweet potato, taro and slices of saba banana - my favorite because it counterpoints all the boiled but firm and crunchy root crops (at least that's how mom cooks 'em).  It shows up a very light yellow among the pale whites and lavender streaks (in the yam, we didn't use the purple one that tints the cream a more festive color).  I had the ginatan cold, despite an overcast day (bad news: makes for not so nice pictures). Desserts are good for allergies, hehehe.

The good news: my hunger was appeased.  The bad news: all that fiber...

P.s.  I think the bird fared as well as I, since it has a choice of palm fruits and some guava and coconut t(our trees) This is a pied fantail, not the maya bird.  The maya pula (red finch variety not the brown sparrows we used to know) was replaced by the Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle as the national symbol - the country needs something more ferocious and  strong (before the red plumed finch kicked the brown maya's butt).  Predatory rather than prey.  Majestic rather than twee (means too cute, too dainty). Endangered rather than commonplace (though I never saw a red finch in my backyard or anywhere else).  

Makes you think,no? Maybe the change reflects our country's "world image".  Oh right, the eagle is endangered and we haven't really taken care of our own all that well.  Still aspirational.  In advertising, aspirational means something or a trait to aspire for and own but can't afford. Yet. Or ever?
That's the bad news.  I think we need more good news!

P.s. 2:  Thank you everyone, for reading the older posts when I don't have new ones  Bless your patient hearts!  I have more stuff but there are days when I don't even have the energy to boot my laptop.  And I hate being forced to use low-res pictures!


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