Angry Birds Tout Sweet!

What is it about Angry Birds? They are cute even when they are all scowly!  What does it make us when we find feisty and vindictive cute? Are we all jaded in this age of scams, scandals, salvage victims, and skullduggery? Is all that reality TV entertaining us too much with “real” people we forgive all too easily - exaggerated eccentricity is individuality; foul mouth and bravado is spunk; abbreviated words and fashion (much!) is “being yourself “; getting even and stooping low in the process is righteous. Eeep! I am getting angry.  I’ll stick to cutesy!

It’s very addictive, slinging those birds to smite green pigs and enjoying some ham along the way (pun-nnny!), so I only played the game a few times.  I know how I’ll get: I probably cut my life span by half, playing Plants vs. Zombies till I got the Silver Sunflower trophy hehehe.  I stopped when carpal tunnel loomed.  When you use your hands a lot: writing, baking; doing chores - arthritis and the like is scarier and closer to reality (in my part of the world) than bird flu.   Also, you know what they say:  you lose more than sleep! I found this blog on so many ways to kill your brain cells – very interesting!  I know some doctor will agree on some points.

So! Can you imagine people all over the world spending millions and millions of hours playing the game? You can! Imagine your game time multiplied. 

Angry Birds is so popular Rovio had to come out with so many app updates, adaptation, merchandise, new seasons, transformer birds and pigs (Wikipedia says making pigs the enemy was inspired by the swine flu scare – botcha or double dead meat wasn’t a watchword then). 

Over at Fancy , there's a less techy, friendlier, yummier take (out or dine in hehehe). on the Angry Bird. Cupcakes! Despite the scowl and knitted brow, these birds are sweet!  Too cute to eat, too!

It was raining cats and dogs (punning again) and I can’t go home (flooded! stayed over at my friend’s house) so I played with the phone cam and cupcake.  

I set the cupcake on an empty calling card case/boat out on the terrace, to show why my Angry Bird (represent!) is mad at the wet world, which is kind of ironic because red birds (ok, finches, in the game) can’t fly – lower level of play, less “powers”. 

I wonder if the game design people have heard of the Tagalog  phrase “kalapating mababa ang lipad”.  Translation: low flying doves (kalapati).  The phrase is used to describe street walkers – or hos.  If your bf calls you a ho, slap him and walkout.  Are you really going out with him? (Yes, that reality show!)? Why ever did calling people derogatory names out of “affection” and poser’s slang get to be cool? wonder birds are angry.  

I ate the cupcake when I got home – yellow cake with powder blue tinted vanilla frosting!  I didn’t eat the fondant Angry Bird.
I saved it for the twins.  The cupcake is mine (cue evil laughter).

I had tablea chocolate cake (the other half of the birthday cake) in the fridge.

I made drippy white chocolate glaze, sprinkled grated white chocolate and unsweetened desiccated coconut over the cake to finish. 
It looked great (pat, pat), tasted sweet and nutty and nice! Yummm!

I crowned it with the Angry Bird.  I made it a nest of white chocolate and coconut and it was still scowling!
Maybe because it was mad at the prospect of two piglets (the twins) finishing him off later  :  )

Bye-bye redbird!


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