London Binge and Almond Milk

I got milk! Instead of tea.  I ran out of tea.  I had almond milk.  No sugar, because I like the pure, subtle, nutty taste of almonds.  Besides, I’ve got a haul  from our friends in the UK (thanks Rally and Margie!) and I laid out a tea er, milk and sweets party for one on the first day in weeks that the skies, our downstairs floor and my schedule are clear!  My first flood free and baking day off! On a clear day, so I read somewhere, you can see forever!

I love candy, tantanantanan tantan! I want candy tantanantanan tantan!  This is me singing a one-liner chorus from a long forgotten song of an eighties girl group (or singer?) which name escapes me.  It is so telling that that one phrase would stick in my sweet stuff-obsessed brain.  I wax eloquent at the sight of chocolate and cookies and cake! Snippets come to mind, from nursery rhymes, advertising slogans, and music and book phrases! And everything I say or write ends in happy exclamation! That's the sugar rush talking!

Charlie Brown and friends had a scavenger or Easter egg hunt, I forget which, and the clues are in rhymes.  One in particular I utter out of reflex when I see chocolate! “Look up, not down, for there is something brown”.  To me, it isn't literally moving your head up instead of down but a great big cheer-io.  This time I am seeing pralines! Love them to pieces! When I saw the chocolatier Neuhaus' site, I was speechless.  Everything  on there, I'd say, is drool worthy, except that is so unladylike an expression and I am having this nice, elegant milk party!

These pralines didn't come from Neuhaus but are from the same continent.  These were part of my London care package - a phrase that means they care enough about you to send you something.  Ain’t that nice!  They must care a lot! I love these Thornton's Melts, which makes me melt in bliss.  You can bite into the chocolate shell covering a gooey sweet chocolate hazelnut center.  Or you can melt the whole in your mouth and wait for the chocolate ooze to happen slowly, naturally. 
I will be sad to see the box of Thornton’s Praline Melts go : (  
I don’t think I will find them here.

My almond milk party – ok, I drank from my cow cup because its cute and I don’t have an almond cup hahaha – got proper compliments of real dainty, elegant almond thins (threw away the wrapper so our stash would fit in the fridge; before I could note the brand. A happy problem grin grin grin. Also got Fox's Viennese raspberry and cream filled cookies.  I've only had Nestle's Fox Crystal Candy before - a different Fox in sugar coating, different country too ; )

These delicate shortbread cookies are great!Except for my cow cup, I felt like a Victorian lady taking demure sips and  teeny tiny bites to keep the crumbs off my dress.  The raspberry and cream cookies are buttery light, tart and sweet, flavors so balanced you can still taste the cream.  I don’t like my flavors melding into one; I would rather taste layers of flavor that’s distinct from each other but in harmony as a whole.  I want food to taste the way it is supposed to!

The almond thins are real thin, subtly sweet, crisp cookies with almond slivers – so thin and the almond slivers cut so clean the cookie log must have been laser cut! 

My almond milk was nicely chilled and dipping either cookie in it made me shut up.  Like now.  Excuse me while I shut down. : )

P.S.  First time too, that I am not having coffee and one of my baked goody combo.  Its nice to take a breather from your own stuff.  I am lactose-intolerant too, so I can only take milk in ice cream  but the almond milk didn’t give me any tummy trouble.

The pralines reminded me of the giant glow spheres on the central promenade at UP Ayala Technohub in Quezon City.  I took these pictures of the hub park with my Sony Ericsson cam phone that has photo edit and add effect (like solarize, frosted glass, sepia, etc.).  Just having fun after damp! ; )  


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