After Bitter, Comes the Sweet

Some days, like that song goes, I wanna be sedated! Something happened that left me feeling sad, resigned, and so disappointed that I wanted to scream “Stop world, I’m getting off!”  You don’t need to know about “the letdown” but you need to be reminded, like me, that after bitter comes the sweet.

I got out from under, day by day, when my good friends Dianne, Ruth, Merci , Cherry, Millie and Nicole put their faith in me and, as Lola Techie would, clicked “like”, “like”, “like”.  I have to thank Andy, too, and new acquaintances Mike and Ren.  Andy for encouraging me to keep on (and approving Dianne’s brilliant ideas hehehe); Mike for liking the wire “M” I made to top his birthday cupcake; and Ren for trusting that my earthquake brownie is a good bet, even when a picture was all she had to base on and had to wait a while because my oven needed fixing. 

Nicole once told me that when I am depressed, I am still productive.  That’s how twisted I am (she’s a fan hahaha, thanks Nic).  I think it pays to be cake-happy!

Like I commented on Dianne J. of “Will Write For Food”, this blog is a way of sifting through the messes I am in to dig out the sweetest things.  I’d like to thank Dianne J. for replying and giving encouragement as well. Dianne J. is an advocate of food blogging ethics.  R E S P E C T is a must in the blogworld (and life)! I also appreciate Christine Chew emailing me for an opinion on a project she is doing (means I could contribute something interesting, thanks Christine!)  : )

My sweetest things this past few weeks include my brother bringing home my favorite Rosalie’s Suman, which I couldn’t resist taking a picture again and amending my suman post.  I caught Rosalie’s feature on Unang Hirit this morning and it was nice to put a face to the name and see the pinipig and coconut milk suman cooking on a giant wok! Ooohhhh.

Since I had sugar syrup (for the vanilla frosting) left over from the Hello Kitty cupcake batch, and 4 frozen egg yolks, I asked my mom to make leche flan! Leche flan is a custard cake made with egg yolks, milk, dayap (Philippine lime, not the calamansi) preferred, cooked with caramelized sugar syrup (first to go in the round aluminum pan or traditional llanera, those small oval ones) on a steamer.  It is a Pinoy favorite, a golden nugget topping many a halo-halo.

I say dayap preferred because I used lemon juice.  Tita Lody said calamansi rind is way better.

Six egg yolks is supposed to be the minimum but mom made do.  I boiled the syrup a bit more than called for, because I make candy pulls – I would heat the syrup so it’ll come together but is still soft enough to pull into shapes and swirls.  When it cools, I eat it hehehe. I tried making candy Saturn  (yep, the planet) for an out of this world cake topper but I think it needs some kind of stabilizer (hey I’m not a pro) because when I put it on the cake, it tinted the caramel buttercream.  Anyway, all that reheating burned it a bit but I liked the edge of bitterness contrasting and setting off the custard.  We got so excited we took the leche flan off the pan while it was still warm, so it looked like a gorge with caramel falls. Super like!

Then mom thought about making it again with whole eggs, experimenting because its a waste of good whites – she forgot I can use them for frosting.  The whole egg version tastes like syrup drenched Estrell’s cake base! I felt I only had to drain the liquid to get that cake hehehe.  This time, too, mom made a very pale sugar syrup so the flan looked more like shiny scrambled egg pie hahaha.  It was good, though!

Millie, as it turns out, was planning a party for her sister Olga so she wanted cupcakes! I wanted to make it special so I made white chocolate roses.  

They are very delicate.  Like the real ones, these roses wilt in the heat (warm hands).  I had to take it in and out of the ref so it would set before I added more petals. It was work and therapy! 

Don’t you think they're pretty? I love the arc of the leaf.  
Millie says she is pleasantly shocked I can do this. I told her I am too hahaha.  It is rather challenging to make cake toppers for me, because I didn’t study.  I did find Cake Topps that makes real nice ones! I like the Plants vs. Zombies topper! So cool!  Mom came home Sunday with this kakanin, which picture is missing in a previous post.  Sheesh! This last turned my tide of woe with a final coconut and brown sugar push! Life is sweet again.


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