Thin skinned!

A rolling stone gathers no moss and I guess that's me for a long time and hence if I don't find my niche soon, sink into a rut or get thrown off the road altogether.  Kerplunk!
(This is not moss, just my Christmas tree recovering from too much sun. Thank goodness for rain).

Working freelance has its pros and cons. If you work freelance you are, well, free from regular schedules and dealing with the same people (you don't really like) day in and out.

As for certainty....
At times there's much ado about nothing! An ongoing  project could go kaput.  Meanwhile you've had too much face time - some people love to meet up, rehash last meeting's talk and still don't get anywhere.  Some figures filling the appointment book with after hours get-tos merit more man hours and chalk one for representation!

This is good:  free din-din! That is, if you don't live so far that you spend more than you'll ever net, on cab fare and coffee money waiting forever for people to show.  Work friends with families are worse.  To them, being unattached and unencumbered meant  plenty of time to squander sitting in corner booths. They think  "I am busier and important so I'll get to you when I am done with everything and everyone else.  Besides, you need the work so you'll wait, won't you?" This, despite the fact that they're the ones who called the meeting in the first place, worrying over deadlines (yesterday!) and a "BTW, there's a bidding process so we have to win and it has to be cost competitive."  You scramble and lose sleep to produce worthy stuff and send it in.  You don't hear what all unless you ask.  They may not even get around to reading what you sent. I like feedback, negative or not.  Its how you improve.

So I went to  a couple of interviews to see if I can still.. uh.. gather moss someplace.  What a disappointment! There was one of those interviews where everyone is smiling and gungho with big plans for a future with you in it and what an asset you would be...and that's that.  Maybe in 2012?
Then there was the one that was more like a date. You'd feel insulted too, if you just met for the first time and on such subterfuge, he wasn't likable, and is unapologetically married!  Smug as a slug.
Either I haven't lost the "charm" or maybe he is thinking "desperately seeking".  Barf!

One interview is an out and out ideas poaching scheme where you were to write an ad campaign for a product.  I gave them a key phrase to work with ( if they know what they have).

I’ve had experience with “exploratory” work and talk that remained just that . Some brain picking went on (mine) and boom they use it.  Maybe not to the letter, but eerily close.  Or it was a project I started, and when they eventually  twigged to my style,  ran with it on their own.  My only consolation is they're not doing as well (but I'm not wishing for bad, ok? ). 

I’m not saying I am cleverer than most – just some people hehehe.  There’s a big wide world of idea people out there, very creative and able to execute.  I am only slamming people who mines other people’s creativity and don’t give due credit.  There’s a difference between gushing over how great you are and acknowledging your contribution to the right audience. Nobody has an exclusive patent on ideas, mainly because it is usually an improved or modified version of the original or just great minds thinking somewhat alike (or in parallel uni-verses hehehe), but there should be links or attributes whenever possible. That's why I am more than happy to pepper this blog with links!
Everyone learns something on the net everyday, thanks to the people and companies who makes the effort to put out something for the environment, help you cook more and get healthy, give answers and solve problems, talk about countries and towns,  share their way of life and how the world works...or not. Copy, paste and passing it off as yours is not cool!

Now you know why I haven't posted in a week.  I was positively vitriolic.  Got to curb, curb, curb. Find a happy place.  Drag my thoughts elsewhere. Set my sights on these birds that need a good talking to about fire hazards and nesting and tucking dry grass between warped boards.
 Eeek! Temper, temper!

I better write about balat instead!
If you say it slow it meant an (unlucky) birthmark (I don't have one! I'm just having a dry spell).  If you say it fast, it meant wrapper, as in lumpia wrapper (ooh now, we are on safer ground hehe).  Remember my nekkid lunch? This is the wrapper for it. I wanted to make our own wrappers, just because.
I suppose I have a heavy hand.  I only managed a few rounds.  Lesson learned: cook with a light heart;  its ok to occasionally eat from dejection; and exercise with a vengeance!
This has to be freshly made so its pliant for rolling; thick and sturdy enough to hold chunky or meaty filling but a soft chew.  It could be made of rice or tapioca flour.  You can buy tapioca flour (from cassava, different from sago balls) online but plenty of rice flour about.

We ended up buying anyway.  Apparently, we are lucky a wrapper maker (makes it the traditional, right kind of thin crepe, not eggy) lives close by.  I don't know if it is a dying art (tedious work) or just that very few lives in a provincial foodie town (like I do).

Thing was, some of the wrappers were beginning to dry and go crackle-y at the edges (being exposed to air).  Since it was a rainy day and we have togue (bean sprouts), we had deep fried lumpia instead. It is a simple ginisa (sautee) of bean sprouts with bits of pork and tofu, garlic, onions, tomatoes, salt and pepper -hold the soup.Diced carrots and sweet potato are optionalDunk the lumpia in soy sauce mixed with pinakurat vinegar (some likes sugar in theirs: I don't) and lunch is a wrap.  You get the saltiness of soy, mouth puckering sour vinegar with a ferment and hot chili kick. 

The next time I went out for baking stuff, my brain was still stuck on wraps.I had TacoBell burritos! Tortillas are thicker and more bread-y.
This I would make soon - we have pinto beans sent over from the states.

Added consolation: the chocolate bunny from Easter.  Finally ate it. The bunny was disappointingly hollow though.  I needed some more "sweetening" so
I made mocha cappuccino brownies studded with pistachios. I felt better afterwards.

And that is how I roll!


  1. that chocolate cake looks very yummy :)

  2. Thank you Sandra! Do I get a guardian? hehe ;)


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