Strange Fruit

I was walking through the park one day
In the merry month of May
When much to my surprise
Before my very eyes...

...end of song hehehe.  Besides, that’s all I know of that ditty Bugs Bunny sung before someone (Elmer Fudd? Yosemite Sam?) started shooting at him. 

The itty-bitty ditty came to me when a strange fruit dropped from the sky.  Ok, a big tree.  I don’t know what tree it was.  I was walking along the sidewalk that borders a mini forest at Corinthian Gardens.  The fruit stem looked as if it was bitten off so it might be the work of the elusive squirrel, taunting me!

The strange fruit is as big as my palm and reminds me of The Duchess in Alice in Wonderland, the one that has a baby that sneezes a lot (from pepper) and eventually turned into a pig. I used to have the Lewis Carrol book with illustrations.  The book didn't survive termite invasion but the images and rhymes stuck in my head.

Or maybe the fruit reminds me of a girl with bouffant skirt a-twirl.  
Or Kim Kardashian in an empire cut ball gown or harem pajamas.  Or Kim Kardashian’s butt hehehe. 

I picked up the strange fruit and carried it in my palm (my bag is full) as I walked to Baker’s Depot and Robinson’s Galleria for (as it turns out) a fruitless search for baking cocoa (out of stock everywhere I checked, Chocolate Lovers is out of my way that day).  People would stare.   When I checked it at the baggage counter, people asked me what it was.  I told them I really don’t know but it is pretty (they agreed) and I might use it for an interesting floral centerpiece.  

Why not?  Florists have been working succulents (cacti) and colorful vegetables into non-traditional arrangements and novel bouquets.  

Veggies like this purple cabbage  cradling carpaccio or elegant kilawin (ceviche) of cream dory or tuna in tomato- I forgot which.

This is a survivor from my food pics from a time I worked with Nessi and Gladice.  They appreciate my eye for pictures and let me take some.  They take care of pesky stuff like camera settings hehehe.  We also have a chef who takes direction rather well (wink, wink). Just to clarify: I am not a food stylist or a photographer (maybe someday I could be). I just like making food look nice. I like everything looking nice.

When I got home, I found puddles of rain and river water in our yard –  tide coming in.
Though not unusual, it amazes me still, that blazing heat and pelting rain happens on the same day. It is also annoying that rainstorms start in up north, so you dress for bad weather and wet umbrella and all, you arrive east or south and find it is sunny and dry.

I found stranger stuff in our yard.  Like this circus tent of a web! Zoom via Google Chrome settings and you'll see Spidey.

Looks like Spidey is spinning a new suite and a whole level for a pantry (judging from the number of whitish, irregularly shaped balls - a variety of hapless insects) suspended in the mad crisscross of super fine webbing.  Nature is the best architect.

The web reminds me of a huge tent or Big Top, like the one  in “Water for Elephants”.
There was a scene when the stagehands set it up, with the canvas billowing up and outward in a flurry of cables and pulleys and a mighty heave-ho. I liked the movie.  Robert Pattinson smiling and in living color (hehehe) makes the movie a chick flick. Reese Witherspoon makes it a class act.  Cristoph Waltz gave the movie a hard edge.  His character, August, disturbed me because he reminded me of someone I know and worry over.  It is hard to paint him too much as the baddie, though his character is scary sick.

A different way of life demands a different perspective for survival.  It is no excuse for losing humanity but a hard life makes it tougher to choose the right paths to go and values to uphold. Life makes you crazy at some point. I'd love to read the book!

Thank God for happy endings – also elephants fighting back! Rosie the Elephant is amazing...and what a flirt! I love elephants. Watched the movie at Trinoma.  Good thing I thought to bring a wrap! Not even a beaming Robert Pattinson can thaw my bones – way too cold in there.  Too much of one thing is definitely not good for me.

Stranger still: this is the longest I’ve gone without work.  In an office, that is. I usually rent some place close to where I work, so this is the longest I’ve been living at home as well.  Great for my nephews (lol) because they can “order” what they want at our kitchen.  I like the peace and quiet, not having to deal with politicking and the power mad who demands “deferential” treatment even when it wasn’t deserved or right.  My movie date and very good friend Ruth told me maybe the Universe is telling me to stay put for a while. I say the Universe is telling her to take me out for pizza and burritos! We have a craving for our long time favorites.

Here’s a note:  blogging about restaurant food and meeting up with very good friends is difficult.  At Mexicali, I paused long enough from catch up talk to take a picture of the saucy cowpeppers painting and the nice red and green tables and chairs but forgot to take a picture of our yummy rice and beef burrito, tacos, and quesadillas. We were cramming in stories and lunch in the 30 minutes we had before the movie starts and we had to buy Wendy’s Iced Tea at the lower ground food court ,even if it meant riding four escalators down and up again.

At Sbarro’s SM North Edsa, her hubby joined us for more catch up talk, pizza and pasta.  Pasta with meat sauce and garlic bread was gone in a few and we were halfway through the Chicago White Deep Dish and the All Meat before I thought to take pictures.I love their white pizza and thought I’ll have more cheese with the deep dish.  Alas! I didn’t realize there’s pineapple in it.  With the exception of hummingbird and pineapple upside down cake, I don’t like cooked pineapple. I finished the whole pizza anyway.

Ruth made me think maybe it is time to let out whatever creativity there is to mine.  What I call “make work” – the blogging, cooking, baking, beading, designing, taking pictures, even painting our house – my distractions, yes - are also new paths to take.  
Like running away with the circus.
Or maybe I ran away from one? : )

I still don't know what the strange fruit is.  The grounds keeper at Corinthians don't know either. I split it open and the stone/seed is surrounded by a husk-like covering, like coconut, but no meat. 


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