Missing Mornings

I don’t get out to Makati much, far as it is from where I live now.  Every time I do go (occasional meetings, interviews), I make a day of it – breakfast, church at Greenbelt, a four mall walkthrough before I go home (connected by walkways – SM, Glorietta/Ayala Mall, Landmark and Greenbelt 5 thru 1), provided I’m not wearing heels.  If I had a morning appointment, I take the shuttle so I don’t have to wait around for buses.  It is an early ride so I have time to eat breakfast, my favorite meal.  If I’m feeling rich, I eat at M Cafe (Museum Cafe, also for Macapuno cake that I liked hehe) at the Ayala Museum.  I like long, leisurely alfresco breakfasts with a view – at M’s it is the Koi pond and maya birds riding bamboo branches or hiding in the topiaries.  One time I had a guest, a big dragonfly that lit on the edge of brown paper art - a table accent.  makes me think : early days book art - folded paper pages, like origami or pop art - tons of folded book pages as installation art piece which I like the look of but is squeamish about wasted words.  Fascinating though. 
The dragonfly stayed long enough for me to take a picture but I lost the digital copy of that, what’s left is a print.

I used to go weekend mornings, when I was still living at San Lorenzo.  I would walk to work up my appetite (and feel less guilt about the big breakfast hehe).  Early mornings are breezy and less people are about so you can linger over juice and bottomless coffee.  If it is a weekday, it serves to get me through the looonngg workday ahead (which was often).  If its weekend mornings it is my just reward and consolation for not being home in Malabon with the family (I have overtime work).

Other times it was Max Brenner at the other corner where I people watch and look at the trees in the park. Come to think of it, I like corner cafes, tucked in for quiet but allows for unobtrusive people watching.  My dad has this Dean Martin collection CD, one on the play list a favorite of my twin nephews (when they were 3 yrs old and can only nap if it is playing), because of the lilting way it goes “standing in the corner watching all the girls go by”.  That's stuck in my head.  Of course, I go boy watching (ehem, guy/man) but also checks out what girls and women are wearing, rating them hehehe.  At Brenner’s I go for the hot chocolate spiked with chili and eggs benedict (always perfect!).  I miss my Max Brenner mornings (at night Margarita slushies and lots of sinful chocolates).  It isn’t there anymore (moved!).  They have a branch at Trinoma near the cinema and within noisy distance of the arcades. The food is still as good but none of the coziness I liked.   

These days, my old stand by is, well, thankfully still standing!  My go to treat is Seattle’s Best Coffee's Raspberry Mocha Kiss, with the chocolate bar I love to dip in the hot coffee and suck the oozy melted chocolate ringed with coffee foam.  I don’t use the chocolate as a stirrer, I eat it dip by dip.  I also like the way they scramble eggs – so buttery light and fluffy and served hot.  
(I am a fan of plate warmers; cool plates meant hot food don’t stay hot longer. I wish we had one at home.) 

 I never met a brownie (or anything with chocolate) I didn’t like, so that’s that!

The people staffing the counter are always nice and patient (been going since 2003) - I tend to take my time figuring out what to order.  It’s why I stand way back from the counter while I study the menu board; it isn’t nice to hold up the line.

This visit I tried Caramel Javakula. I'm not the caramel type, finding it too sweet.  I like this though, the flavor is there but real subtle.
A friend of mine would have said “lasang pang mayaman” (“classy” flavor, subtle enough as opposed to vulgar, bolder).
I usually prefer hot coffee, am not much of a frap-per ( I like to feel the coffee, not have the strong flavor get frosty on me) but I like the chill of this one – guess it takes the edge off the sweet and balances out the dairy.  And it is great to be able to use the Mac to check my messages while I sip, only thing is the people behind me can see what I’m up to. 

I dropped by late afternoon and didn’t want to screw up dinner so I didn’t order dessert or deli sandwiches.  I know I’ll like the Tuna Curry and Apple Chutney on Ciabatta (because it is different, I love ciabatta and curry; I’ve had mango chutney but not apple) but it’ll have to wait for next week when I go back. : )

P.S. Is everything brown?Yellow light, you know ; )


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