Just Because!

I would like to go to touristy spots so I could offer you pictures and sights and recommend adventures but that’s not in the offing as yet.  Besides, other than Boracay and Cebu, which beaches I was fortunate to have visited more than once (sans camera and pre blog days, though I have unedited videos) most places I get to go to are those owned by real people - private, low key. Their homes are where I had the most fun but i gotta have permission to post.  This is a just because blog anyways ; )

A convenient subject: our pit bull POW (short for prisoner of war, she survived a bout of Demodecosis, with lots of virgin coconut oil, shark liver oil, love and injections).  Passers by would see her through our grill fence -her body a heap of folds and fluff as she lay; white face almost lost in the black mass of neck and shoulders.  She likes to fit her body on our terrace ledge, too.   Then right after they squeal “cuuute doggie, faaat doggie”, she would stretch and stand to full height and stare. They would run right off.

Nowadays I have a new subject, this Princess Shih Tzu, my nephews’ dog Quinn Fabray (yes, after the Glee cheerleader. I am teaching her to sing). These dogs are hard to photograph – POW’s eyes are blue in the light and Quinn’s get red.

I can blue sky all day! I had tons of pictures of clouds and skies when I worked for an airline and another that owned a country club and golf course but I lost my USB.  The top one was taken from the bridgeway at the Mall of Asia, storm brewing.  This sunny sky is backdrop for the tower at Splendido Taal, Tagaytay .  You can go up the tower, provided you are not wearing heels– the topmost rungs are narrow metal slats instead of treads.  

These swans used to swim with the ducks at Greenbelt Park.  I don’t see them anymore.  I guess once the outdoor restaurant strip opened, they had to go.  We can’t be feeding ‘em table scraps, right?  

This one is part of the golf course.  For some quirky reason, the picture turned out painting-like – smudgy and dark.  I could almost imagine Jack the Ripper doing something macabre under this lamppost.
This is my Figaro cappuccino.  Just had to enhance the white so the latte art floats.  Strictly amateurish, I know.  Oh, well.  I’ll just tell stories ; )

My UP Sundays invariably give me something to snap – like this red ants’ nest high up on a limb, dry and fresh leaves matted together with a white web-like sheath.  The thing looks like a fragile hammock.  I happened to look up and there it is! I didn’t dare go any closer because those huge ants could bite! I hate welts, big or small.  I itch even just looking at one making its way up the sides of the tree.  I ducked out from under there fast as I could!

P.s. Other than using Microsoft Picture Editor - auto correct at that -  I didn’t trick out any of the pictures on this blog. I wouldn’t know how.


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