Happy Valentine's Day!

I know, I know, it took me long enough.  It has been a busy month for me.  Jack (or Jane) of all trades that I am, I have been doing time consuming, self-involving all by my lonesome work.  Writing (not blogging).  Doing beadwork (yes, sewing itty bitty and huge beads to a gown strap).  Baking - lots! A caterer liked the bars and cookies I make.  Not a big thing yet, but brings in some moolah so I am happy. 

I am dateless this Valentine's - and on all the past ones boyfriend or no boyfriend - so I'm not moping. I am used to it.  Public relations work and PR writing does not leave much personal celebrating on "important" days of the year.  My "public" (always) awaits.  I have had to write press releases pre-, during, and post-event; attend other people's parties, be alert to any PR worthy stuff or else, as corporate affairs officer, manage mine.

 What holiday? What special day? I am usually hard at work on those days and the ones right up to it. If there is any gifting to be done, I am the one to scout, shop, package and deliver.  I have fun - don't get me wrong.  I like all the creative planning, budgeting (well, sometimes not) and doing up a pretty package.  The downside is its exhausting work!  On the days that matter, I am way too tired to think about me or pretty up for someone else.

I once went on a Valentine date - pick up at home; drive through horrendous traffic to some fancy fine dining place; equally horrific time looking for parking space- all borne politely and resolutely for a mellow, hopefully romantic evening ahead.  Too mellow - my eyes closed for I don't know how long.  A few seconds? Minutes? I was too mortified to ask.  He just joked about being boring. 

I had to counter with it isn't you, its me. Hmm.  Seems like all I have energy for is cake and coffee, at off peak and seated in a corner with a view.  I like to hole up and gather my thoughts these days at Seattle's Best Coffee at Greenbelt, Makati  and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Eastwood, Libis.   

Then there was the boyfriend who thinks Valentine' s smacks of entanglement and great expectations besides inducing traffic; wads of money wasted on flowers and such; demands one-upmanship (over Christmas) on creative gifting and (possibly) proposing.  Oh, he also thinks (sometimes I do, too) it unfairly mandates that no one be seen alone on V Day (whatever you do, don't eat out or go malling on V Day). 

Marrying Christian couples against Claudius the Goth's wishes made St. Valentine lose his head, literally.  The soldier-emperor Claudius was quashing Christianity at the time, likely oppose going forth and multiplying, much less a show of emotion. Allegedly.  Who knows for sure which version of history is accurate?  What we do know is that one-upping Claudius today meant flagrant Public Displays of Affection and persecuting those who have no one to affect.
At any rate, I remain welded to the laptop, needle,and the cranky oven yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Sorry can't resist noting the "buti pa" lament.  To the uninitiated and non-Pinoys out there, "buti pa" (pronounced as read, all hard vowels) meant better off - as in "Buti pa ang karayom, may sinulid".  Loosely translated, it is a dateless/loveless person's envious comment on things that has a "partner" - karayom is needle; sinulid is thread.  Thus, the needle is better off because it goes with thread, like horse and carriage (that ditty).  Or, a laptop is better off because a USB connects to it; or coffee has milk. I prefer cake with coffee obviously.  Then there is the gibe i.e. "buti pa ang cellphone, tinatawagan".  Approximate translation:  someone else's phone is ringing or at least your phone rings, never mind for reasons less than love. Sometimes its a stretch to think up connections or word association to understand the jokes but some are real funny and witty, too. Anyway it is Valentine's! All is forgiven.    Check out a whole lot of sites on "buti pa" jokes, like this one. Just Google: "buti pa" jokes.  I hope you know tagalog or have someone translate/explain.

P.s.: Look’ it my chocolaty heart cakes! Best thing about V Day is all the dessert and candy you get. Made these minis though, playing around.


P.s. 2: I have been doing beadwork (a new talent!) on some gowns for a wedding to help out my designer friend who was busy doing clothes for a fashion show. I'll write about that next time.


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