Under a Cloud

Walking helps me de-stress. I have been under a cloud lately and the weather definitely made my mood darker since I can’t go out. Couldn’t bake either since I ran out of stuff and shopping wasn’t possible. I kept to my room, not wanting to face certain family members who were driving me batty. The good thing about my two day shut in was I clocked in some much needed sleep. I came out only when I needed to. I holed up with water, tea and grilled cheese sandwiches (Eden cheese slices, white bread, tomatoes, a sprinkling of fine salt, basil leaf plucked from our herb pot and lots of Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot sauce).

As soon as the weather cleared on the third, I was out the door! Donned my trusty walking duds: Fila sneaks, LeSportSac belt bag, shirt and leggings (not the mommy kind) and made it to the (fairly new) Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati.

feeding the birds.. err... spotlights!

I used to walk past the fenced in mini forest of trees and brush along Paseo de Roxas, following the path all the way around from The Makati Stock Exchange in Ayala to The Nielsen Tower or Filipinas Heritage Library at Makati Avenue. It was a game for me, wondering when those trees will be felled for more building. I thought it was used as a nursery because I once saw rows of plantings in black plastic sacks through the fence. Or maybe a nature preserve, a kind of concession to industry.

I wondered, too, whether some woodland deity managed to live there despite the traffic noise and bustle. She (most are female) would be cloaked in lace-y leafy green, deep in her dense treedom. I imagine her watching everyone go by, eyeing the fashion victim with disdain; eavesdropping on lovers quarrels and watchful of canoodling (wicked!); marveling at all that scurrying about in business suits and heels (and maybe thinking “Hah! Don’t you know a block’s walk is five streets’ worth of corns?”). And if we get too noisy she’d go boo!

snakes in artsy hats!

Now though, the tree line was cut back in favor of a gated, wide, paved jogging and walking path, deity effectively evicted! The park is mostly lawns bordered with curving, rolling gray stone. Sprouting here and there are sculptural (Arturo Luz) art pieces in primary colors and geometric shapes, which made me think of snakes in funny hats ; ). No disrespect to the artist/s (the pieces and featured artists on exhibit changes).

There are benches, trees hung with fairy lights (pretty at night, more so with a nightly light show beginning Nov 20) and bulbous lamps.

 The central lawn has the Zen garden bobblies (my word for bushes nipped and tucked into spheres), natural stone accents and little flowering shrubs in between.
Manong Sweeper's cap bobbing with the bobblies

The Saturday morning I was there, only a handful of people are around: an expat couple with a baby; a guy with a guitar and a laptop (wifi hotspot no less); a girl with headphones; a sweeper; and far enough away, a few pedestrians on the outer lane for a more scenic route to Paseo, Ayala or Makati Ave. I was happy that I didn’t have to rub elbows with anyone…yet.

I was happy to see clear blue skies above me, shot through with the white streak of an airplane's wake, the sun breaking through the canopy and making the fairy lights glint as the wind ruffled the branches a bit.

 I was happy with the cooler weather! An earlier drizzle mottled the benches and pavement in varying degrees of dryness and damp, dappled brown in places the way cookie grease marks baking paper. But here’s a nasty habit to take up– a Saturday run capped with good eating at Salcedo Park’s Saturday Market a few blocks away…where I headed off next. When the restaurant row is completed, I won't even have to go so far.  Sigh…


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