Give me a break, fast!

Read a New York Times in Advertising post about supermarket brands fighting for their place at the breakfast table.  Though this is happening in the good old U. S. of A., it could happen here too (if it hasn't already). Blast political correctness, we're always at the heels of some other country's trend. Seriously, we have their fast-food franchises! 

The problem is farm and dairy product sales are hanging by a shelf over there, with fast-food joints revamping their mass-produced, no fussing at home combo breakfast meals with choice of coffee or hot chocolate!  You can’t beat the convenience it affords us working and commuting folks who tries to outwit everyone else on the morning rush by waking up at dawn and surviving on a cup of coffee just to get a seat on the bus, shuttle, trains or carpool.  Traffic in this country such as it is – too many cars and kamikaze buses, too many arterial roads leading to one congested highway, lots of opportunity to bottleneck (sounds obscene, right?) - all that harried running around defeats arriving on “American time”.   So we get up earlier and earlier, nixing breakfast at home and having it instead at Wendy’s, McDonald’s, et al, with free newspaper and coffee refill   (brewed! At home you plunk in the 3-in-1).
If we all get into the habit of eating out, supermarkets lose out on sales of milk, eggs, bacon (my fave), hotdogs, sausages, corned beef, ham, and cereal, not to mention (I'm about to) our lowly palengke (wet market).  Even the Pinoy breakfast is packed on a combo meal box : tuyodaing (smoke- dried fish), tocinolonganisa and tapa . Tough for our farmers, manufacturers (unless they are exclusive suppliers of the fast-food giants, hmmm) and everyone else lower down the food supply chain and the underground economy. 

Hard as I try to have breakfast at home and enrich the local market, I end up with favorites because those R&D people got some things right.  At Wendy’s, the scrambled eggs go-with are buttery light (whipped) and unsalted so you can sodium-ize yourself to death.  The Bacon Mushroom Melt makes it in my list as breakfast, not snack food. Jollibee’s longanisa with garlic rice (see, you need leftover rice or cook some expressly for sauteeing in garlic the next morning) and the 39 peso Beef & Mushroom Rice with tons of garlic – never mind if its beef scraps,  cheap and tasty anyway- are just the way I like ‘em.  McDonald’s Big Breakfasts and Sausage and Eggs were my (almost daily) breakfast on-the-cheap when I was living at a dorm where cooking isn’t allowed.  After jogging around Ayala, I feel justified squandering away a bit of the calorie burn on that!  I walk to work again as well so...! When I’m feeling rich it would be a Pancake House blueberry pancake meal or the Country Breakfast with strip of bacon, two country sausages dipped on hot sauce laced tomato ketchup, two eggs sunny side up, slightly runny yolks that I sop up with crisp buttered toast – heaven! Seattle’s best for me too (love the way they scramble eggs)! Also Starbucks’ Basil and Mozzarella sandwich or the bagel and lox. At Chowking, I like the crispy danggit (there is a way to fry it just right and I can’t) and the sweet ham. 

I have a sweet ham story.  At (my college) Coop cafeteria, they serve it sandwiched in toasty warm slices of bread that’s clamped shut at the sides, pushing the sweet ham and melty cheese in a slight rise in the middle, and crusty at the “seams” the sandwich maker creates (two triangles) - much like grill marks on barbecue).  I miss it! Maybe I’ll visit the alma mater and see if they still serve it like that.

It’s expensive to have breakfast out, yes, but the coffee refill is worth it for most.  Plus, it’s just around the corner from the office, a sprint and elevator away when the bell rings. 

P.s. I breakfast at home most days, now that I’m self-employed so hurray for the local market! I’m partial to Cebu, Vigan, and Lucban longanisatuyotocino and tapa (smoked beef, like jerky I guess), with Papaya fruit wedges – the works! I also dislike eating with sporks and hates it when plastic knives cut right through the Styrofoam.  Real China please! 

I breakfast out on occasion. When I have to be somewhere early, I would hitch a ride with my brother. Then I’ll either walk or commute the rest of the way and while away the hour or so before my appointment at a corner booth, sipping coffee, reading the free paper or serving on Cafe World -free w-fi! Smart, right?  ; ) I also just discovered Krispy Kreme savory egg and bacon kruffins and coffee at 99 pesos heehee!


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