When the Angel of Abundance Taps

It’s nice to get compliments when all I did was take pictures just because. Nature is the real, prolific artist. All I had to do is watch it change in the light of day or show off a detail. Everyone has an eye for beauty but maybe beauty is relative. Maybe you can get so used to seeing the whole that a garden, let’s say, is more a pocket of green with a bit of color here and there. You see one, you’ve seen them all. Lawn – check! Flowers – nice! Fountain - ahhh! It’s like seeing the forest for the trees. Or maybe we are just too preoccupied. Until we feel the need to breathe and notice.
I am always looking to beauty to take my mind off the ordinary, living as we do in a ho-hum environment that needs a major overhaul (stat!). We do what we can, though. Our own yard poses as half-orchard and half-orchid farm (ehem). When a flood wipes out the year’s landscape, we would replant and replace. My late grandma was a florist and grandpa was a gardener so my mom got their green thumb. I am more likely to create mini planter ‘parks’ -tucking discarded nativity statuettes, wooden birds, old stones and shells among the leaves. Composing, composing, composing!
My mom is always at me for repositioning plants according to color, contrasts and gene pool when she had done so because one likes full sun than the other. She hates it when I "edit" yellowing leaves and snip off dry edges that the plant looked positively spindly.

I also have this slightly cuckoo theory of mine – that the Angel of Abundance taps me on the shoulder from time to time to remind me that things grow, leads to somewhere, bears fruit. I like rivers snaking through fields of green; boats poised to sail to somewhere amazing round the bend; baskets open to Grace; boughs sagging with fruit; a riot of color; flowers and leaves pushing through cement – that sort of thing! For anything else I want the minimum and the muted. With nature I want big, huge, humongous, riotous, verdant, generous, abundant…you get the picture : )


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