Did I say I need to cut back? Dieting doesn't work as well as it used to. I've gone on crash diets before. There's the three pan de sal a day diet (most boring); coffee and grapefruit for breakfast, a stick of barbecue lunch, and a single skin-on boiled potato dinner; the Airline attendant's diet (more grapefruit and tons of coffee); all day basil, tomato and mozarella sandwiches; green salad and vinaigrette; and the saucer diet!

Complemented of course with (erratic) exercise, more often with a video trainer or dancing in my room. Once, a 30 day trial with Gold's Gym - it was too expensive to go the whole lifetime membership thing (ok, reasonable, but not a priority for me) and I only need to shed a few. I also signed up for the free TV. Having one in my dorm room will cost me and I figured working out at the elliptical and treadmill while I program surf (a whole wall of cable, hah!) is a good deal. Plus the spa, huge showerheads, pulse-blast hot water and a bit of celeb and hunk watching is better than staying in with my roommate.

I'd go on endless walks - up and down humongous malls (three in one day if I needed input overload to rev up the writing and conceptualizing); to and from the internet place when I wasn't hooked up at home; one end of my street to the other where I bank and buy a bag of hot peanuts - a 15 minute "meandering".When I feel up to waking early I'd ride the shuttle to Roxas Boulevard and then half jog/walk that strip to Blue Wave or McDonald's - one of a few branches that still offers chocolate shake!

Working and living in walkable Makati is great! I'd walk to work in gym clothes, changing into corporate wear at the office. At San Lorenzo (dorm), I'd go on pretend house-hunting walks up and down wide Mango tree lined roads or do a few rounds at the jogging park. The downside is falling mango pits with bits of overripe fruit still on it - courtesy of the bats - a real messy, yellow-stain-and-stink bomb!

Sundays Agnes and I would run at the ULTRA/PSC before the Wowowee stampede deaths - I have a real fear of ghosts running alongside me, God knows there's enough stories like that at San Lorenzo! Afterwards, its dinner at Max's Greenbelt 1 (combo meals if you must know - dictated by portion control and how fat our wallets were that weekend).  
Nowadays, it's my UP Sundays! I go alone mostly so I can go ten (max) rounds in so many hours before its time to go to church. Walking with a friend is fun but you're more winded from talking. If I can't go - rains or too lazy to commute - I'd step on the stepper, a hand me down from Merci! But I'd rather be moving in changing scenery, breathe in fresh air, and people-watch a bit.

The aging thing is a bummer- your heart rate is all over the place but your feet is pounding-hurting and you don't lose as much as you thought you did. Plateauing is a curse! I haven't been motivated enough (lately) to go through my once a year detox-starvation thing. My clothes still fit( though not as flatteringly) and other joggers are worse off so I got a bit complacent. I also haven't gone out or play dress-up in a long while and I've never been one to spend hours in front of the mirror so I don't get to really see me hehehe. When I finally do, there's a big surprise (tsk, tsk) and kaboom - time to crash and burn again. Going to seed (and an expensive wardrobe change) is not an option.

So I am at it again! Huff and puff and starve and sweat! Except there's this apple jam of sorts that I made last week out of a botched apple walnut recipe. I forgot I didn't put in enough sugar in it and it tasted bleaeh! Because I am ever mindful of waste, I just took out the walnuts and the apple slices and cooked it with sugar and cinnamon. I have leftover cream cheese from a carrot cake experiment and so a smear of that and a spoon of the apple and I'm in a jam - I ate five of these...sigh! So much for that diet!


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