I have to go on a diet! Seriously! Staying home gives me too much time to tinker with sauce and dips. Connection? You eat more rice! You may have something as healthy and kind-of plain grilled meats and salad greens as a side and think that's a conservative calorie count but hey, throw in the sauce and the more the heftier! You just know all that salt is going to retain tons of water. Maybe that's why I am so bouyant! Yeah right, all this is water! Or else my body salt equals that of the sea! I'm sure that doesn't make much sense science-wise but I stake my claim! I once had my picture taken with friends, all us in snorkeling gear, them treading water while I'm flotsam (for some reason I can do a passable butterfly but can't tread). One of them held on to my shoulders so I won't float away to the next island!
Anyway, I blame my salt-seeking Ilocano genes, the anchovy paste and fish-sauce whiffy Malabon air (where I live) and my need to break away from my mom's somewhat oily-tasty cooking. She's within a 16th of an inch Portugese so her culinary leanings is waaayyy up in the precariously rich scale that I just have to go for something less siesta-inducing from time to time. By the way, black coffee cleans my palate right off and opens just enough room for dessert- my favorite part!
That's enough to explain away the weight gain right? Oh yeah, not to forget, aging makes you put on (more!) what you put away. I used to eat tons and not gain so much. Now I may eat like a bird but I definitely won't be able to flit. Drop like a stone, more like! I read before that for everyone of your monthlies, you gain two pounds! It's a good thing I'm not good at Math!
So! Point of this post is (really? do I need one?) I pigged out on chicken! Because of the sauce! S&R had their member's treat sale last week and I braved the discount-starved crowd and a looonnngggg checkout line (took me two hours to get to the cashier) so I can buy cheaper chicken! When a long weekend and my twin nephews' next stay-over-and-eat-everything-in-sight-visit happens, we have to stock up. Chicken is still a family favorite and in a bid to get everyone to eat healthier, we would roast it in our electric oven. In a member's treat sale, it costs way less to buy the two in one whole chicken pack! Plus I might chance on sun-dried tomatoes and Blue Bunny ice cream at hefty discounts. My mom tags along because she's nuts over Planter's and our pizza and bottomless soda fix. The last one is mostly why I fork over 400 pesos for my Gold Card(and I thank Bambi for encouraging my fix with her membership renewal, I'm her extension hehe). My mom and I had baked beef roll and soda while lined up. Everyone else is doing it, such a long wait it was!

We enjoyed the roast marinated and positively bathed (by me) with store-bought pandan mix then stuffed it with real pandan leaves (from our "orchard"), the chicken practically oozy when carved. We had salad greens (also on S&R sale)- lolo rossa, walnut-ty tasting romaines and green ice with my own milk, lemon, mayo, salt, pepper, and tons of garlic dip. Here's a picture! Sorry half of it is all gone when I thought to take one.
Lunch today is the last of the chicken cuts fried with salt and pepper. I taught my family to eat it Korean style - roll up chicken strips, a tomato wedge, and a slice of cucumber in a leaf then dip into a sauce I made with sesame oil, rice wine, soy sauce, brown sugar, minced garlic, and spring onions. Then you have to cram all that in your mouth! Yummy! And I clean forgot to take a picture of that!
Guess I'm not much of a foodie blogger! And I am off the wagon...again! I'll try harder next with my food before I eat it, that is ;).


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