Some Days You Begin Again

The past year has been a very disappointing one and this year, marginally better. I have been asked often enough, why not blog, when you write well enough? I have been reading blogs and can point out favorites. for one! Reading other people's blogs got me thinking "oh that's beautifully photographed" or "yep, that's a good point" or "why, that's really funny!"
But really, what I'm getting is the sense that bloggers lead such elegant, beautiful, well-traveled, fashionable lives...not to mention all that great eating (and cooking and baking)! Of course nobody wants to read about dire straits or the humdrum but I guess even this last can pass off as "simple joys" in a spin. So I smile and say that's not for me, who has one foot deeply sunk in the commonplace and the other toeing the luxe life courtesy of several well-heeled friends or as a job perk.

This time though, I'm itching to do something other than stare at the ceiling, over-design my CafeWorld, read my way through every bookshelf and vegetate. So I thought ok, let me try the blogging thing, more of a way to flex my writing skill (such as it is) and a conscious effort to list one-of's (eventful doings that come my way) to see that I did live a life as elegant, beautiful, well-traveled (of sorts), well-fed, and up to a fashion as any other blogger out there. A kind of gratitude journal like Oprah says we need to have; a note on simple joys; and the occasional biggie. It may be short, or long, or from the start, my apologies. After all, this is a day to begin again.

p.s. I did not take up photography nor do I have professional cameras to use, just an eye, a penchant for "composing" a scene, my dad's point and shoot Olympus, my Sony Ericsson K660i cam-phone and a great need to learn this blog thing. So there!


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