Confessions Now; Confections Later!

The foil-ed oven door is tough to work with! Takes a whole lot of patience and bleep language. I don't swear, but I think I started when I got baking (can't take the heat but can't get out of it).

Mae, a culinary chef who also studied pastry and baking and then set up a cupcake biz Mulberry Lane from home was very encouraging and sympathetic with my burned-by-misadventure chronicles. I thought I was pretty clever and frugal scraping off the blackened underside of an unfortunate cookie. I get all worked up when something that came out perfect the first time ended up shabby the next. I'd ask why put myself through the agony of clean up and botched batter when I could sooner buy somebody's famous cake!
Even when I have a legit excuse - I'm no baker, just a hobby cake maker - I still can't abide bland looks and unruly (chocolate)curls. I look up baking blogs and picture perfect confections so I could berate my hobby cake: "See here? This is your net sister, you better shape up!" My trusty notebook is always close by with recipes and tips and substitutions (also the math! online calc please!).
 I think I like picture perfect pastries staring me down so I can will whatever glop I'm working on to rise, puff or crisp up; to get chewy, crumbly or bread-y; and go soft in all the right places or brown nicely on its way to a second life as diet-evil-incarnate. And, it's extra work to wash and wipe my hands after everything (only time I'm a neat freak!) because I am equally obsessive about keeping the notebook good as new! I know I should print everything but I never got around to doing it.

Then it's up to the Kitchen Goddess or Baking Angels (what an image, right?)to grant the hobby cake perfection (or not).

The worst thing for the diet is batter spill! There's just so much you can lick off! I love the solitary work though, the one that forces you to "fold" into a concentrated, focused self. But for a misstep born muttered cursing, there's a cozy, comforting butter and vanilla warmth all around. At any rate, I've got a sugar fix that must-needs be met most days. Gotta do it again, though till it comes out right. Yes, these are my work. Maybe next time I can say "confections."


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