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How to Do Baguio in 10 Hours

Hello, hello!!!

What are you up to this year?  Me? Not much at the moment and I am liking the quietude. I wonder if this is what aging does.

I went up to Baguio on a whim (IKR,super late post haha) with work friends.

I got my paycheck on a Thursday and they were all talking about de-stressing and wanting a change of scenery.

I decided I'd go too. There's a midnight express bus on Friday, ETA at the Victory Liner terminal at around four-ish.  A.M.  At the crack of egg, er, dawn.  Chilled, damp-ish Baguio greeted us sleepyheads.  Of course we have no place to stay.  We are big on spontaneity haha.

There are people offering cabs to pensionnes, inns and the like at the terminal but we were all traveling light and there's a whole bunch of places to hit.  I was relying on my travel buddies since I thought they made plans and arrangements and it turns out some haven't ever been, others want to Waze it or trust the cabbies to take us where Google maps and blogs tells us to.  Tu…

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